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[R]EQ. Miku Hatsune Skin for YANDERE SIMULATOR~

hyy 'ryone!
this is the last request that i will upload for today. is for the senpai Senpai-123 who noticed me > // v // <
i hope you'll enjoy!

 Pixel Rose eyes by Aisuchuu

 10/11/2015 O H M Y G O D AZZMAN HAS USED MY SKIN HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hiyori Crying Icon Hiyori Crying Icon Hiyori Crying Icon…
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What Uniform do you use??
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To make the skin show.

you need to turn on the 2nd school uniform.…
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What do you use to make skins? And can you make my OC? If you don't want to that's fine! ^^
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It's pretty simple. Thanks for reading
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How do you take panty shots in yansim?
i rly need to expel Kokoni
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How do you use iittttttt?
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how to apply the skin?

Open up the folder you downloaded go unzip it (look it up on YT)
open up your yansim data
click streaming assets
in your skin's folder it should be named custom shirt, face, long, uniform, ect.
drag those into the streaming assets folder
(if they're not named the names on step 4, rename them.
and then, close the folders and launch the game.
use the uniform that is made with the skin
Have fun
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Is there any chance u can make my oc im going to make a human reference sheet soon
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BEAUTIFUL FINALLY I CAN HAVE IT WITH YANDEREDEVS NEW HAIRSTYLE OF MIKUUUUUU! Yes there is now a hairstyle for a vocaloid, and its miku hatsune
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i get only the first hair one that she wears already :(
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repeatedly press H
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But still, the blue doesn't come out in the hair Saki Miyu has before. Is there anything we need to edit? 
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if the blue  doesn't work just use the Hatsune Miku hair that Dev-Pai Added
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Okay, thank you! It looks more accurate now ^^
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*plays Rolling Girl*
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I was listening to Rolling Girl and then i went to this.

Seems legit.
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Can you do an Asuna (from SAO/Sword Art Online) skin? ^^
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It's amazing skin rainbow heart Hatsune Miku 
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Can you please make a chara skin for yan sim? creepy face - undertale chat icon - chara Chara Chara Icon Chara (first human) Chara icon 
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