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Comic Construction Breakdown - Guyllion



THANKS for all the kind words you left on yesterday’s post. The feedback and interest in HTDC’s upcoming Proportion’s Lesson has been phenomenal!

Honestly, I feel super lucky to be in a position where I can dedicate my time to helping aspiring Comic Artists hone their craft. I’ve loved putting it together, and have learned and improved so much myself throughout the process.

But knowing you’re as psyched as I am for this to come out truly inspires me to polish #HTDC’s Proportion’s lesson into the best volume of Comic Art Education I can make it.

As you know I drew this illustration up for the Lesson, to show you how foreshortening your characters in perspective can affect their Proportions.

And since it got such a good response, I wanted to create a quick, 3 step overview of the construction process for you.

Seeing an intricately crafted Comic Book Illustration in its final form can be intimidating. It’s easy to forget that none of them start out that way. They begin messy… rough… and full of mistakes.

That’s why I wanted to share this with you today. No matter how complex the art work, it’s the underlying foundations that truly make or break it.

That’s also why the first lesson I decided to create for HTDC focuses on Proportions… because if you can get them right, you’ll solve most of the problems novices struggle with for years - RIGHT AWAY.

You can get the High Resolution version of the Comic Desconstruction for Guyllion at:…

Remember that sharing is caring too, so if you found this useful, pass it onto your friends.

Thanks, and have an awesome day!
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Is this from a book I would love to purchase it