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The mage and the priest

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I hope you like it!


Artwork © by me (clayscence)

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It's breathtaking but I have a question? Which woman is what? At first I thought that the brunette was the priestess because she as a sword in her hand and some armor. (In d&d priests are basically warriors with divine power. They fight in heavy armor with a weapon and can cast spells.) And I thought that the blonde was the mage because she seems to be wearing a robe and wielding a staff. (In d&d mage or wizard wear robe and often carry a staff) but then I noticed the giant angelic wings sprouting from the blonde girl's back. Which throuw all my assumption out of the window. So can you tell me which woman is wich?

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thank you so much!! it's complicated I know, but the characters are really cool!

the mage is the one with the sword and the Priest is the one with the wings :)

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Hola! Bonita arte haces :) 
Yo tengo un canal en twitter donde promuevo artistas y su arte de world of warcraft. Doy credito a los artistas (tag si usan twitter) y pongo un link de patreon, deviantart o pagina personal.
Vi tu noticia que quieres que te pregunten si se usan tus imagenes. Aqui te pregunto si esta bien, si posteo tus imagenes por twitter dandote credito y linkeando una pagina tuya (de tu preferencia) ? :D

Echale un vistaso a mi canal, para ver como es eso. Estoy medio trabajando/codeando un programa que me ayuda a postear las cosas, por eso todavia no todos los posts (10% de lo viejo falta) tienen los tags/links correctos, pero lo hize facil añadir nuevos artistas!

ahi me dices :)
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hola, qué tal? muchas gracias por consultarme! me alegro que te guste lo que hago :)
por supuesto que puedes promover el dibujo, dando crédito! se agradece mucho!
tengo algunos otros dibujos del wow en mi galería, y voy a estar realizando más así que si quieres puedes subirlos todos, saludos!
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Quality modern fantasy women.
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thank you so much!
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Two gorgeous mighty babes,with awesome outfits and amazing werpons! :wow:
Congratulations by this great work! Clapping Pony Icon - Season Four Twilight 
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thank you so much :hug:
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  You're welcome,my dear Vanu! Yayoi Takatsuki + Mami Futami Emote - Glomp/Hug 
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que bien que esta estoooo!!!! genial vanu!!!
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gracias yama :D seguis por Polonia con las altas ligas??
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de nada! ando unos dias por mvdeo de vacaciones! en un par de semanas vuelvo para alla a seguir encarando jajajaja
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ahí va! un capo total :D
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Can I buy a sword like that with my DA points?
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I wish!! haha it would be a great flashlight
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Awesome work! :D
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