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President Obama's Crumbling Support on Syria

I made this during the thickest, murkiest days of Obama and John Kerry's call to action on Assad, just before the more "peaceful" deliberations with Syria and Russia started. Obviously this situation hasn't gotten much better, but I suppose this image can represent anything the President tries to accomplish but can't without severely compromising.

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why is it that these so-called elites seem to possess less common sense us normal people?
moderate my ass
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If he ever DARES to harm Syria, the book I'm writing will knock him on his ass and I'll make sure he WON'T get up.
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I was mostly thinking Obama, becuase he seems to hate Syria.
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"Hate of Syria" indicated by what exactly?  Where did you get that information?  Have you not been following this story?  It's more or less resolved now anyway (at least as far as an American military-aided solution is concerned) - Assad's chemical weapons are now in the process of being disassembled, which was the only thing originally even on the table that Obama had intended to take out - now it's a threat that was neutralized peacefully (more or less - meanwhile Syria's civil war though continues on unabated).  I don't want to sound patronizing, but honestly, there's going to be almost* no one in the world at any given time who will ever be able to write something about a superpower's leader and strike any kind of blow.  That's not to say writing something truly considerate of issues and evident of a thoughtful author is not impossible - but you do need to have the facts, garnered from the best brains of all sides, all walks of life, because all representatives at the table to have something of worth to offer, even if it's just a prime example of how not to be. 
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Thanks, makes me feel "great." 
Sorry. I didn't know opinions were illegal now. 
I guess they are. 
But anyways, you can NEVER stop me from LOVING Syria SO DAMN MUCH, or me writing my book. 
And it wasn't to "overthrow" Obama, you dumbass. 
I just want it to have an emotional affect on anyone who dislikes MY favorite country. 
~ Have a nice day. 
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Ok, you've completely misunderstood me - in no way was I trying to stop you from loving Syria or stop you from writing, not in any sense.  What I was pointing out is that there is absolutely no one</> in this entire situation that hates Syria - not me, not Assad, and not Obama - this entire conflict (which again, has more or less been resolved on the level of American executive decision-making - the UN has taken on responsibilities now) is predicated on Obama's idea that in the midst of the Syrian civil war, outside involvement was needed to neutralize the chemical threat within the country so that innocent people caught in the crossfire would be spared.  Hardly the thoughts of someone who hates the country, would you not agree?  Yes, a military option to strike the chemical weapons factories/stockpiles was weighed, but a diplomatic solution was always the preferred option, and indeed turned out to be the actual solution that got carried out.  How well that solution got carried out is a different story, but the fact remains: none of the involved parties hate Syria. 

And no, opinions are not illegal.  But there are such a thing as ill-informed opinions based on faulty logic, and that's all you have offered here.  Claiming that I'm trying to get you to stop loving Syria, that I'm trying to get you to stop writing, and that this whole situation got started because (to you) Obama "seems to hate Syria" are empirical evidence that you're speeding through proper judgement and due consideration in an effort to talk tough.  I don't doubt you love Syria, and I in no way am trying to get you to feel otherwise about it, and I'm also not trying to dissuade you from writing - just that if you are going to write, and do seek to shake the foundations of the beliefs of someone who hates your favorite country (again, I'm not one of those people), then you need to have the absolute best, most informed opinion of all, which is only achievable by fully considering the arguments of those you do and don't like.  That was my only suggestion to you then, and I doubly suggest it to you now, because all you've done is gotten rudely defensive and made completely untrue claims based on no evidence. 
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Thanks for making me feel no better than what I really am. 
Means SO MUCH. 
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he should help syria, look at all those children gassed :(
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The August 21st attack killed 426 children.  Well over 2,000 children die every day in Africajust from lack of clean water.  And that's just Africa, to say nothing of daily child mortality rates all over the rest of the globe, for a bevy of other deadly circumstances.  Is it worse that the Syrian children died because it was a direct attack on the citizens, and is letting all these others die out of apathy and neglect not as bad because they're "unintended casualties"?  If the amount of children in peril is the only qualifier for aid, why aren't we helping children everywhere with the same fervor Obama has for Syria?
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This I did understand. I agree. Things behind the shadows are becoming clearer for everyone.
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This is pretty great :)
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He actually wept about the situation I heard.

Poor dude... :/

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It's an awful situation, definitely horrifying and soul-crushing.  Still, something to consider, "a politician weeping".  I'm not saying it's insincere, just that that's what get filmed, reported on, printed on every paper 
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Looks awesome!!
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May I ask you what do you mean by "severely comprimising" ?
Good picture, btw.
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Thanks!  Well, the Affordable Care Act for one has been so watered down from what it was originally intended to be just to appease (in theory) the GOP, but obviously that hasn't stopped them from still trying to kill it 42 times.  New gun control legislation is nonexistent despite a new mass-shooting happening as often as they do these days.  For as much as the Right claim that he's this godless non-American radical socialist commie celebrity-idol treehugging baby-killer, Obama still caters to them an awful lot.
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Thank you for your answer. I assume you're from the states, since you're very into what's going on with obama inside the borders. Sorry, but, since I barely speak/write in english (I'm from Argentina), I don't know what the "GOP" would be. I'd be really thankful if you could enlighten me a little bit.
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Oh yes, of course!  I'm sorry...the GOP is just another name for our conservative party the Republicans
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the government is so bent on stopping each other they lose sight of the bigger picture... Love this pic :D
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