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These are a bunch of pages all in one from my latest sketchbook for one of my classes. Here we have watercolor, pen & ink, white-out pen, acrylic, crayola markers, and sharpe.
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wow those heads are amazing, so detailed, the car is also very "painterly". breathtaking !
OriginalNick's avatar
wow... do I ever love your work....
What's your... best medium??
the one your prefer??

would love to see the rest of the book!
clayrodery's avatar
i just moved, so all my stuff is all over everywhere! once i get everything situated again, i'll scan the reast of the book in Hi-def

thanks again, i do appreciate it! as far as medium goes, dont really know, cant decide. been getting back into oil lately
niebezpiecznygroszek's avatar
i used to have sketchbook
i love it.
ObiJohnKenobi's avatar
Interesting montage here. The images together in the way they are produces a sort of visual schizoid effect.
IneffableBob's avatar
the care is very, very cool. and of course i'm a fan of the other drawings too. =D

clayrodery's avatar
haha, yeah i like the car one too, ha! thanks alot!
whoiszid's avatar
You have one of the coolest sketchbook content yet.
Pamala's avatar
It looks like you are having fun! I also like the window. The car is nice as well.
erilu's avatar
They did whaaaaaaat? I want to cry...

great sketches :)
captainrosteck's avatar
i hadnt heard of the monet attack haha
the newer stuff you've been uploading is phenomenal , i especially like the luke and leia skulls you put up recently.
want to do a show someday? i'm slowly moving the shows down south...
Dian3's avatar
very cool!

"...big-ass hole into a Monet..."
(O_O) holy crap!
jane-vivian's avatar
HELL yes! Thank you for putting these up.
Major ass-kicking props.
TheABones's avatar
that window is gorgeous
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