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Le Big Mac

do i really need to explain?
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Merde, j'ai envie de revoir Pulp Fiction maintenant... SUPER BOULOT ! :D
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"And you will KNOW my name is the LORD when I lay my vengeance upon you!"

Love it to the googolplex power :XD:
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No sir, no explanation necessary!
Great work.
Love the title

you killed it..
You win!
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i love this!

for the 489534758934 time i am watching it before sleeping. woho.
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it's the boy's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we done very gd
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"the tyranny of evil men." OR "Royal with cheese"
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love it, great gallery too
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wonderful and fun!
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Haha awesome. You captured them perfectly.
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I really like this.:)
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awesome ! I like that movie anyway... xd
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wowww!! great pic in looks, the faces turned very well and real-like, not to mention best characters from the best movie. now if u excuse me, ima go home and have myself a heart attack
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THIS IS SO COOL! Great work!
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Amazing job! The shading and splatters really seem to give this a feel to match the movie.

And best movie ever, by the way...
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with this pic you just made my day!
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+fav: royale with cheese! :lol:
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"say what again say what one more time"
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plup fiction you did it justice nice job
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you still kick ass, great work!

i love it
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