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Joker Study, February 21

acrylic & pencil on paper
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© 2006 - 2021 clayrodery
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What I like about this are two things. I dig the slash panel that features the grin, but I also dig the sickly look of your Joker, the inflamed looking skin about the eyes.
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Youre welcome!
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YES! Five stars. I love, really actually love this piece.....It's not giving me the whole picture, it's divided and rejoined and shattered again and like a shattered mirror that I could either puzzle together just how it was or, embrace the raw, visceral sensation of terror being reflected back to me to establish a character in my own mind. This is a Joker portrait more inspirational than aspirational... and it has used skill and my own imagination to haunt me. I dig it big time.
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Great composition!
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Bloody perfect. The very essence of the man. And I just love the technique.
necrobestialerotic's avatar
Extremely creepy. I love it. :D
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This is very awesome. I love the style here. It would be cool even without pencil smile. But with it, its just amazing.
colouredmarshmallows's avatar
That is very weird,but in a good way.You did a great job. :heart:
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This is the creepiest and most disturbing Joker pic I have EVER seen. Like damn..
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absolutely awesomely sick. great work!
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Wow, this is really cool and disturbing. :D
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awesome version :drunk:
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Freaking brilliant
cirqueducloud's avatar
Calling it a 'study' makes it sound so much creepier too.
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yep, this is totally badass.
clayrodery's avatar
thank you very muuch!
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Loooove that psycho look :D Just beautiful
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Hello. I've featured your art in this article: [link] :)
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That's wonderful! I love it! It's inspired me to buy some paints and start practicing! As you can see I'm very excited by the idea.
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Damn.... that is just to cool!
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ooo.. o love the colours and his teeth! lol
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