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Went to the midnight show last night - this movie is basically everything I've ever wanted to make/accomplish. Hard-science fiction space horror is the absolute greatest ever ^_^

Also here's a fun little video version (sounds by me & NASA):…

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Gravity is definitely butch compared to Equestria Girls!:D (Big Grin) :happybounce: Headbang! Woohooooo! OMG! I can't contain my excitement! #1 :squee: Boogie! Dance! 
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Say it on Sunday, it was the best movie. I'm such a space nerd, it was just as you said.
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You said it Bro.
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well. now you really make me wanna see it. :)
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Fantastic film all around, but far from "hard" sci-fi. The orbital mechanics are basically ignored for the sake of the average movie-goer.
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Yes, not to mention the ISS is in a much much lower orbit than the Hubble, the Soyuz decent module skipping along the atmosphere and suddenly righting itself, and the fact there's even ONE survivor after the first collision event, you're right, there's much more 'fiction' than science here, but I definitely do believe it still qualifies.  I mean the main conflict being "the dangers of space garbage" is simple, realistic, and perilous enough to merit the designation - it wasn't like this movie was about "reigniting THE SUN with a BIIIIG nuke"
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I want this on my wall! great job
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Thanks!  I do have a spot where you can purchase a print if this is the one you want:…
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Such an amazing movie ^^
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That is stunning. 
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this is amazing
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