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cotto-centimani's avatar
You've captured
Romero's Joker spirit on this piece!
The expression is disturbing and manic!
Monkeyslunch's avatar
You forgot the mustache! He never shaved it off for his role, he always made them put the white make up over top.
clayrodery's avatar
Actually, I left the mustache out intentionally. It was in there at one time, and you can still kind of see where I scrubbed it out, but it was so problematic trying to paint. It's like this minute surface that is caked together, but somehow separated enough from the skin texture. It was a bitch to paint, so I just said "fuck it" hahahaa
Monkeyslunch's avatar
haha, nice. Very understandable. I think its hilarious that the guy was so arrogant that he demanded to keep the mustache all the time. You've definitely captured him otherwise though!
kidkovdrop's avatar
I like this illustration. I almost forgot about this guy what with all the recent face time of the new Jokers. Anyway, nice work.
clayrodery's avatar
thanks alot! Cesar is where it's at
MrsJ's avatar
Your my favourite DeviantArtist. Have I said that before? I love the piece, not my fave of yours but I still love it. Keep up the great work!
clayrodery's avatar
hahaha, thank you!
Arioanindito's avatar
Vary very good one.. Ure so inspiring!
Ankhenaten's avatar
Ah yes - Caesar Romero!

Y'know... I STILL think Adam West IS Batman.

gotta love those baggy tights!
clayrodery's avatar
Adam is completely the Silver Age Batman in and out. actually, when you think about it, Adam West's Batman and original series Captain Kirk are extremely similar archetypal figures. basically, if you were the hero in the late 60's you were the balls
VirginiaVitamins's avatar
That's it. I'm crying. I could've sworn I had favorited all these. I HATE MY LIFE CLAY. I HATE IT!
clayrodery's avatar
hahaha, dont cry! you've seen them before and thats what i think counts, but thank you for the conscideration
RavenWillowHawk's avatar
You've captured the look very well :wow:
ilovethepain's avatar
xuny's avatar
Brilliant. You've really brought out the psycho in him!
richunkleskeletun's avatar
bitcheon Romero. You get it?? Like the Dead Milkmen song bitcheon camero.. But it's Ceasar Romero....seriously though I like it.
edwindaniel's avatar
Nice retro, beautiful mouth. :rose: play more with the colour palette, use more acid colors.
Angel-of-Justice's avatar
YAAAAY! Cesar Romero from the original Batman series! He is the coolest actor there!! Great work! :clap: Faving it now! :D
OriginalNick's avatar
I still love this damn picture... and yes the black background does look more sinister... but I have to say that I like the other one better, paragraoh and all... maybe it's just me.. but it looks like those gems you find in a genius' dusty sketchbook...
still though, it's fantastic... you skill are so fucking... I don't even know what word to use....
Graveborn-Sovereign's avatar
an improvement, i think :)
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