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Catwoman and the Batpod are animated by hand, and the background I modeled and rendered in trueSpace. Colored/composited in Photoshop and After Effects.
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ABatwhoLovesACat75yr's avatar
She loved that thing, you saw it in her eyes!
FlashHarelKrash's avatar
OMG SO FUCKIN' COOL! But to be more articulate, OMG SO FUCKIN' COOL! 
Citeron's avatar
That's pretty rad.
tentenblast13's avatar
Its (pardon my pun) puur-fect!
clayrodery's avatar
hahaha thank you!
A-Shot-in-the-Dark's avatar
whoa if you look at it in your peripherals when the colors change the animation inverts, making it go in an out. weird optical illusion...
clayrodery's avatar
Is it the image that changes or yourself?

A-Shot-in-the-Dark's avatar
the power of art is beyond comprehension
VelonicaSushi's avatar
She was epic!! XD
Obsess-Confess's avatar
Fricken awesome dude!!!!!! :D :hug:
Swank8's avatar
You are a boss at animated gifs. Love these.
spokenillusion's avatar
zerosabor's avatar
if i look at it really hard, it looks like shes going backwards at certain parts
Kiick318's avatar
Nothing short of amazing.
deiby-ybied's avatar
Very good animation. I congratulate you is so...
MarkArandjus's avatar
Solid work yet again!
Cantaloupeisland's avatar
Brilliant! Nice touch with the changing tones for the passing lights.
QuantumInnovator's avatar
Now this is very well done. It reminds me of the lightcycles in Tron.
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