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A Little Over 8 Years Ago - Pt.1

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My off to you.....I totally know where that pose of the Jokers is from on that screen, this whole thing is just beautiful...
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that's so good
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After staring at his hands for entirely too long.. I finally noticed Batman lurking back there..
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I'm surprised cause I actually noticed him back there almost immediately o-o

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"I've had cats that make more noise than you!"
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Amazing animation!! Love it!! :happybounce:
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dem hands.... jesus, they are nice
deshune's avatar
this is to cool gritty almost...
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amazing! i seriously didnt notice batman until i read a few comments! haha~
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An animated batman movie in this style would be soo good especially if it were a noir type detective story.
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HOLYSHIT BATMAN! I almost missed him, it scared me.

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you know how to do it..
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What a badass! Nice gif!
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Honestly incredible.
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WwooAaaAAa!!! Beyond amazing!!
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Nice! I didn't notice Batman at first...
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These Batman related gifs are simply amazing!
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