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Mini cake slice- Talty style cake :D

This is an itty bitty cake (about 2 cm long, .75 cm high) made by me out of polymer clay. It was made using Talty's wonderful tutorial, which you can find here [link]

She is the best!! Kudos to Talty!!

This is my very first cake slice. I officially hate TLS, it is sticky and annoying... but I will conquer it...

So I guess this is a lime-chocolate cake? It has been baked once (the two yellowy layers were baked). I have yet to bake the TLS.

I didn't use enough translucent, so I will fix that next time. You can bake the slices just like you would regular clay, they don't gray.

Hope you like!
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Thank you so much for trying my tutorial! :love: I love the tiny rose, it is adorable :D

And yes, TLS is the most annoying thing in the world until you learn how to work with it... until then, it will ruin everything! your work, your table, your clothes...
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Thanks! Its all over my bed spread :/
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That sounds so familiar... I've been there too :( it does get better!
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that's a very nice cake you have there
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Thank you so much :D