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To our dearest CF fans,

The old CF discord was deleted very recently, but please don't worry, because the clay lives on!
Introducing Claytonic, a claytastic Disclay server full of opportunity to share amongst other fans!


:bulletred: The server is not only CF themed, but also has free, cosmetic Circus Roles, from Acrobats, Animal Tamers, Strongmen, Clowns and more!
:bulletyellow: All the precious and amazing emojis previous Discord goers all know and love make a return, plus a new one or two! Emote away!
:bulletred: Use the world of Claydonia to discuss each game, its characters, and even learn how to play CF with friends online!
:bulletyellow: Use the Fan Base area to share rips of the games' resources, or just contribute fanwork! All mediums from visual art to music to animations fit in just fine!
:bulletred: Did you know that voice channels are also all the rage? Plasti-Gabber is the go-to!
:bulletyellow: We also have a Music Bot named Octohead as our Radio DJ. Tell him to play some sick jams in 63.3 Sculptorwave FM!
:bulletred: Wanna tone the clay down a notch? Discuss anything and everything else in Polymer Lounge!
:bulletyellow: Can't hold all these feels? Muddy Feels has you covered too, buddy. //patpat//

Annnnnnnd, that's a wrap!
Tell your friends! Tell your pets! Tell your grandma! Join up as you will!

Come on in!

Need more info? Go here!
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DankLaxr Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2018
i like that game
GoldenKingranger1995 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2018
You know I had this idea for a Saturday Morning Cartoon based off Clayfighter, except it would be about the Clay Meteorite crashing nearby middle school/high school combo where the students discovered the clay and they when they started making sculptures in the art class, the sculptures turn into the Clayfighters from the games depending on what the theme of the sculpture (for example if you make a circus themed sculpture you get Bonker the Clown and if you make a pet themed sculpture you get Lockjaw) and uses them to fight eachother and mess around and all that, eventually the military starts getting involved and there's this evil james bond villain-esc general in the military who secretly wants to use the clay as a weapon to take down the President of the United States with at first hiring mercenaries to try to steal them then eventually holding a Clayfighter Tournament to lure the clayfighters in (and also local criminals would use them too), and it would basically be Pokemon if it was a Stephen Spielberg cartoon with a pinch of slice of life (only with an ongoing story), and also the human characters would be traditional hand drawn but the clayfighters are clay animated, do you think that would be a good idea?
instarsa Featured By Owner May 14, 2016  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Spritey: Ickybod Clay by I-n-s-a Spritey: Taffy by I-n-s-a Spritey: Bonker the Clown by I-n-s-a Spritey: Bad Mr Frosty by I-n-s-a Spritey: Blob by I-n-s-a
purplebat106 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Hey guys 

I remake breeze back in 2012-2013 :D…
OctoRed77x Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2015  Student
Awesome group! I love Clayfighter! Such a underrated game.
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