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I am a young writer and I am always searching for new jobs. I have over seven years of experience in writing and storytelling and write fairly fast, when I am not taken by real life, but I always give a warning if a commission is delayed. I write anything from gore to erotica, and have a preference for fantasy, science-fiction and romance. However, I refuse vore, rape, pedophilia, SM and pure zoophilia (I would definitely agree to a human/mermaid, for example, but not to a human/horse or a human/dog).

About my prices, I take 10$ per 1000 words. I ask to be able to send the text right after payment, but not before. I also offer all that is over the thousand unit, meaning if you have for example 2590 words I will ask for the price for 2000 words. Payment though paypal.

Here is a sample of my work:
A Cup Of DarknessShe sat at her desk, tranquille, staring out the window. The quiet night was facing her, humming star glitters lights thought the silent countryside and the little shy fireflies above. An unfinished line was waiting for her under her pen, but she was holding a cup of tea.
  She lifed the breuvage to her lips and took a sip, thinking about the next devloppement in the story she was uncovering with her eyes lost in the night in front of her. She didn't get the light footsteps behind her until an elegant hand brushed her bare shoulder.
  "Why must you stay away from me this long?" Whispered a low, smooth voice. "Only in the night can we come together, and yet, you stay with this piece of paper and this pen."
  She looked up in his crimson eyes and smiled gently as the sole response.
  "Does my craving amuse you?" Asked the Shadow.
  "No..." She looked in front of her and took a distracted sip from her cup. "You amuse me in many ways, but nothing I can't laugh abou

I can send you something longer if you ask, but as a sample in case you would be interested and through email.

All finished works will be transferred though emails in a PDF format.
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