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Rat front angle

By Clayed
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A rat creature! :)
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increible de que esta hecho???
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This is great!!!
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Awesome! I love this guy <3
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yaaaayyy rats rock!

This looks a bit like my rat :giggle:

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What a crazy looking rat you have ;) Are you an experimental mad scientist who breeds new species? :)
Glad you like him!
Bexter-TheLil-Ferret's avatar
yes! how did you know!? :ninja:

No problem :D
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Whoa!! Makes me look at my pet rats in a whole new light. Thank you for letting us view such a creepy and awesome looking piece of art.... and for making me fear my rats ;P

Brilliant work!
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hello!!! just wanted you to know i did a feature of this piece :D
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Just checked out your feature.
Thanks for the kind words :)
I'm very glad to be apart of making you smile.
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oh your very welcome and thankyou for making such wonderful work
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He makes me want to laugh insanely! Great design, reminds me a little of the Rat-Fink char from the 60's, but a lot cleaner looking. Great job!!
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Thank you :) I just googled Rat-Fink. I didn't know the name, but I recognised the character. Evil looking mouse though, with the sharp teeth and all. This one is a bit friendlier. But don't underestimate those teeth ;)
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Hihi, that's a great rat!! Well done and I'm glad your down period is over. You don't need a down period with talent like that!! :D

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Thank you very much my lady ;)
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that's brilliant! i have to ask though, how big/small is it?
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Thank you! :)
You can see a size comparison in my gallery, where I took a picture of my hand in front of it.
It's somewhat the size of a stretched hand :)
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yeh i found that moments after commenting here =\
thanks for answering though =)
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Haha! This is funny! I always liked rats. ^.^ This is really good! Your amazing at clay art!
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very cool. and creepy. i dont know what makes it so creepy. the inside of its mouth being grey too, the lack of pupils like those creepy busts in old libraries, or that big evil smile!
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