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Black Button Social Media Icon

My second set of social media icons is a button set. A little different than the glossy orb feel, and also 5 more buttons/icons per set (25). Currently only available in white, red, and black but more colors on their way soon (under dev). Please feel free to use these in anyway, just do me the favor of subscribing to my YouTube channel [link] . Fanning me on Facebook [link] . Or just visit my blog [link] .

**UPDATED 2/15/10** This set now includes the Picasa and Google Buzz Icons as well. They can viewed at [link] just look next to the NEW.
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These are very slick!!
Me too pls, I'm waiting already 5 days :[
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Sent! :) I had to get a new USB cable for my external hard drive :( and I've been snowed in for a while now. ENJOY!!
If you would send it to me I would be very glad :)
mail [at] studiosoes dot nl
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I will get those to you soon, gotta get to work now but they will come.
I really like them a lot. Do you have them as illustrator format as well?
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I have the Illustrator {.ai} file for the black button part of them. When I made them, I used a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator to get my desired effect. I opened the {.ai} file in Photoshop, and worked with it as a rather large file, combining different effects and things. I do have the {.psd} files for everyone of them though, but the black button portion is {.ai}.
Have u got this .psd source?
If u have, sent me pls to
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Yeah man, I sure do.
They are on my external hard drive though.
Give me til tomorrow (maybe in a few hours) and I can have them to you no problem.
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