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Hello :). Im here with the first of the ideas I said we'd show you. This isnt really a game idea as such more a plan for development. Obviously to make a game you need a plan. 

This is basically the order of what we will do what in. So what we will do first then what we will do last. Here it is:

1. design Creation Mode
2. design Gameplay Mode
3. Write Story
4. Create Art
5. Compose Music
6. Program

So yeah thats the plan. Of what steps we will take when. We just want to know if you think this is a good plan. As I said its not really a game idea but plans are important in designing.

Sounds good. You might need to alter that later on depending on how things go, but it seems like a functional plan.
Cool :) thanks for your input ^_^. You've been most helpful.

Also as the altering bit yes I agree. Tom has a more in depth idea of the plan than I which does not have that issue to it. I will get him to tell you :)
Note: ok I sent you a note but I think this is a much more convienent way of getting the message 2 u XD. Anyways so Joy has already sent it but I feel like you might like to hear one from me as well. So im gonna copy and paste the note I sent you as I believe notes are harder to receive then these.

Hi Clay :) (Smile). Long time no see. Its me. The Mega Lettuce :D (Big Grin). How're you doing buddy? Havent seen you since 2012! Anyways its great to see you again ^.^.
My colleague Joy I think has already sent you this but I send it as well cause uhh im the leader of the project XD ;) (Wink).
Anyways So I am not only a Drawn To Life Fan but a leader of a Drawn To Life BUSINESS Fan Project named: Drawn to life 3 fan project (Real).
We have discovered how to suggest an idea for a drawn to life 3 to 505 Games. And so the Project is in progress to design and program it. So we can then send it off to 505 For publishing.
You've been invited to join :D (Big Grin).
You appear to have a lot of technical and art skills so it would be my pleasure to have you in the team ^.^.
But of course the choice is yours.
Take as long as you want. I promise I wont rush you ^_^.
Until Next Time
The Mega Lettuce
Hi Clay , It's me Joy, and I have a message from the mega lettuce to you, he want's to know if you would like to join the protect, you don't have to if you don't want to, he just want's to know if you do or not.