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Yahtzee by ClayairTheZambie Yahtzee by ClayairTheZambie
I guess I kinda said that I was gonna be social today. But after a night of both insomnia and various digestive issues (basically anything you can think of, it happened) I really didn't feel up to dealing with people and their... what's it... "activities"

Instead I lazed around drawing these.

I don't suppose I ever introduced Yahtzee, did I? She's a character from a personal story that I formulated solely for the purpose of self-fulfillment. Which sounds lofty but in reality I simply concocted a story and felt the need to do something with it. And since you all (or lack there of) are constantly bombarded with my one-night-stand stories, I figured no one wanted another messy plot to pretend to care about and keep up with. (I'm irritated. Is it showing? It is, isn't it. Irrate Clayair is irrate).
She's not the only character--she might not even be the main one--but this is her sketch dump and she can cry if she wants to.

Some time in the near distant future, as the second industrial revolution is at its height, a serious of cataclysmic earthquakes wrack the globe. The sudden and drastic shifts in the tectonic plates force buried landfills into eruption and tsunamis sweep up the Great Garbage Patches and swamp the coasts with trash. Virtually the entire Earth is drowned in plastic and glass and metal. Those who survived the initial natural ordeal are slowly picked off through disease, raiders and starvation. Most living organisms are choked and snuffed out. Trees have been leveled and plants are practically rare as diamonds.

Yahtzee and her father were the sole survivors in their family. Her father had always been borderline schizophrenic, and he worsened steadily as the Afteryears wore on. The man was in shambles, barely capable of a train of thought, when Yahtzee sliced her foot on a piece of rusted metal. He panicked. In a fit of insanity that he no doubt justified as a fear of losing his daughter to tetnis, he shabbily amputated her leg. No anesthetics, no clean bandages--he cut her limb off just above the knee with a bent old saw. As Yahtzee floundered in her own blood, he stepped on a pressure point, and suddenly sank down into the mountain of trash.

Pachinko, a salvager, had happened upon the girl while making his usual rounds. He bound her leg and carried her to his "house" where he stayed by her comatose side for two weeks.

The man (approximately 27) was hired to help when fellow survivors desperately needed something to be found: an heirloom, a spare gear, a coil of copper wire. He took jobs in exchange for food and medical supplies, and was one of many in the newly-christened Dump City. Occasionally he would salvage enough parts to build things, and when Yahtzee's eyes flitted awake, he build her a new leg to stand on. Once the painful process of her rehabilitation was over, he began to teach her the ways of a salvager.

Though her growth was almost permanently stunted, at the age of 15 she was invaluable to his work. While Pachinko approached finding like one does a word search, Yahtzee treated it like Scrabble. She began her own collections and after three months she would speak to him. She was fiery and strong.

There is a group of people known as Roaches, who believe they are superior and invincible and chosen. They are notoriously stuck-up and prone to violence, though Yahtzee may or may not have formed a kind of friendship with a Roach by the name of Forlahn.

It's totes complicated and crazy and stupid but I enjoy puzzling the story out in my head. (Oh yeah, that one drawing of a diner-style girl named Gin? She's in this story).

Anyway, time to go lie down and try not to puke.

Materials: mechanical pencil
Assembled in Photoshop
Yahtzee, her story, and the respective characters belong to me.
KikiArstist Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This seems like such an amazing story.  Of course, all your stories are :)  I think it's great that you think up a lot of stories, it shows a lot of creativity.

It's so amazing to see your art and hear from you again.  I've really missed it.  Maybe we can hang out sometime soon hopefully...?

Hope you feel better!  I'll send healthy thoughts your way.
ClayairTheZambie Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry this is so long xD
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