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Naruto vol 41 cover - Akatsuki

credits on the coloring.
characters and orginal art - Masashi Kishimoto.

Cover 41
Saw the lineart and had to color it, well took me along time, since theres a lot of people there, but still is good.

All of Akatsuki!
without Naruto in the background though :P
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kinda suckz that Konan was the only girl in the Akatsuki....
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Think you could credit and give us a link to the Line Art ?!
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I credited on pic, I do not have the link to the original.
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Well it took you a while to reply you must of editted it, but I won't bother checking.
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No I didn't edit it, it has always been in the top right corner here, it took me so long because I don't log in every day, I check my messages about once a month now. and if I were to edit it, I would edit within a few minutes. And you wont bother checking because you don't know how to.
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Whats your problem ? Ive seen where the Line Arts from, and when I said edit I mean Artist Comments. Im not interested in a fight and no longer care anymore so please dont start making childish things up about me its pathetic, Everyone knows how to read an Artist's Comments.
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akatsuki member rulez
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Dang, that is sooo extremely awesome!!! :D :wow:
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Not a problem!! :D :thumbsup:
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Who needs Naruto in the background, anyway!? ^^ Love it. >.> I've been put to shame.... ^^'' You rock.
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whut? lol thanks
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great coloring this is awesome . hey can you give me the link to the lineart please ? because i really want to color it .
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heres the link [link]
it has a few versions
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I wish I can make that.
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Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!Nice art work.
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