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Evil Morty

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“Seems like a good time for a drink, a cold calculated speech with sinister overtones, a speech about politics, about order, brotherhood, power, but speeches are for campaigning… Now, is the time for action…”
-Eyepatch Morty (aka Rick’s actual Morty, maybe…)

A doodle I was inspired to do after this new crazy cool episode that had nothing to do with Ricklantis! Justin how dare you click bait me. 

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Evil Morty is kind of the essence of what happens when someone harmless becomes pushed to the point of completely breaking. Only for that person to have to pick himself together with the jagged, malformed pieces who he was whilst filling the missing gaps with all of the horrible things that broke him in the first place. Only the once good can become truly evil.

Or I might be reading too much into it because I'm too tired. No one actually knows anything about Evil Morty's story after all.

Great art, man, seriously.

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VeiravissHobbyist Writer

I saw this art in various remixes or covers of "For the damaged coda" on YouTube, and I am genuinely... surprised that it only has 578 favs, because honestly it's an incredible fan art definitely deserves more attention.

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Jesus Christ this is some great art! I would love to see this used in a OVA. Like a darker themed version of the show, with all of the characters in this art style.

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YoitsaspicyartStudent Digital Artist
Fucking Masterpiece 
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I just came from youtube featuring this with a new Evil Morty Theme. Awesome rendition.
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Clawed50Student Digital Artist
Thanks ma dude
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Awesome Picture. I'm curious as to what this Morty's Rick did to him to make turn out like this. 
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Clawed50Student Digital Artist
I'm not sure. The theory seems to be that the Rick we follow in the main story is this Morty's original Rick. It could be apart of the reason why he's not like the other Ricks, as in he's the Rickiest Rick. 
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esta genial, luce como un autentico anticristo, o un antirick en este caso. I like it
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Clawed50Student Digital Artist
thanks :) I only know english so I got the last part haha
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FeuerwelleHobbyist Digital Artist
Pure evil.
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Hugo830Student Filmographer
So this is hell I don't like it
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Godzilla2317Hobbyist General Artist
He looks like Light Yagami from Death Note
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Clawed50Student Digital Artist
He kind of does ya
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Would it be possible to make this available for purchase in the form of an art print?
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Clawed50Student Digital Artist
Maybe. I haven't really figured something like that out just yet, mostly because its a lot of royalty stuff, but I do have commissions done through paypal, so if I do eventually start doing prints online (that is if the demand for actual prints of my work gets higher) I'll let you know. I don't feel the demand for them is high enough for me to start an actual business. But thanks for telling me! :) I'll definitely update you if that changes. If you would like a commission the information is on my profile page. 
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LunarsenicHobbyist General Artist
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Clawed50Student Digital Artist
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aaawhymeProfessional Digital Artist
this gives me chills everytime i look at it!
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Clawed50Student Digital Artist
Haha im glad. I guess thats what it was intended to do lol
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vampsaiyainHobbyist Traditional Artist
Was this from a new episode from the newest season?? Because I don’t remember this morty as much
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Clawed50Student Digital Artist
Yeah its from the Ricklantis episode in season 3, lol its not really about Ricklantis (unless its supposed to be some kind of metaphor)
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Idk if im the only one, but
everytime i see this, i think its Light Yagami xd
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Clawed50Student Digital Artist
It's okay I did while I was drawing it haha. It's the suit color that gets me. 
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