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Sword Dash 3D Model

Rainbow Dash holding a Buster Sword modeled for :iconthunderbolt300: Sorry about the delay in posting this. ^^;; My laptop isn't the best for 3D work, so as soon as I finished it, I prepped it for printing without really wanting to take the time to set up a nice-looking render.

I had to modify her pose a bit from the original reference in order for her to stand up a bit better, but I think it still fits. :)
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hi buddy , i am making 3d printed pony then paint, i can make your 3d models real for free, otherwise we can think about another ways of collaboration, you as a 3d models creator me like 3d maker. what do you think?
daylover1313's avatar
is it ok if i trase after this and make a artwork?  i credit you ofc 
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oh I get it, because she's always in the clouds~ GEEETTTTTTT DUNKED ON!!!!! 
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How do you make a 3D model like that?
tunnelinu's avatar
That is awesome! Would make a great model for a toy company.
RaenBoow's avatar
....I would actually want to buy this O-o The pose and the way you made her face and hair..... :iconwantplz:
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I'll be posting the completed figure within a few days. :)
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ooh you know what would be cool?

what if you uploaded this to so that people could print this in 3D.

That would be SO AWESOME! :D

other than that great work! :D

Clawed-Nyasu's avatar
Why would we do that when we have our own 3D printer and already offer 3D prints for sale from it? =P
RaenBoow's avatar is a 3D-printer? xD ..What does it print out...? O___o
Clawed-Nyasu's avatar
It turns 3D models into plastic figures.
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Im usually not a fan of ray tracing (or at least it appears to be ray'ed if its not?) but this looks excellent! very good job :D
Clawed-Nyasu's avatar
Yeah, I think this one was raytraced, iirc. I've been trying to avoid it for my recent renders--though I kind of bounce back and forth on my settings because I can't find a consistent set that I like. xP
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Do you have it as a 3D model still on the computer? Can ye' animate it? Etc.
Arcolm's avatar
Cloud's buster sword and dash. Now thats defanately 20% cooler. :D
Valach's avatar
So she's like Rainbow Dash Cloud Strife.... ^^
...."Cloud Strife" actually sounds a lot like a pony name O_o

Looks great, the texture makes it look like an actual plastic figure
Clawed-Nyasu's avatar
Haha, the names go together surprisingly well.
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