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Nightmare Moon 3D-Printed Figure

Let's just talk about the improvement that two years can make.

Material: ABS
Paint: Acrylic
Sealed with a matte finish
Price: $160 + shipping
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1700x10550px 18.64 MB
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squawkwardd's avatar
This is ridiculously gorgeous.
Awesome work! All your 3D printed figures are amazing.
Orgin8's avatar
what do they look like fresh off of the printer? 
Exquisitely crafted. Love how organic it is. No sharp angles or visible seams that I can see. Well done.
TheOneAndOnlyPerhaps's avatar
Forgive my ingorance... I'm new to the fandom and very new to all this fanmade merchandise.
May I ask how it is possible for you to sell this stuff? I mean, wouldn't Hasbro want a cut?
Can anyone make merch, clearly taken directly from an established franchise, and make money off of it? Just curious o.o
Maddiataz's avatar
I believe so. It is very, very common here in the MLP fandom.

I'm pretty sure how it works is if your making a restricted amount of fanwork to sell, you can make small profit based on your art. People sell their works at conventions and all, so selling a selected amount of their art online is seemingly OK with Hasbro.

(examples of popular fanworks up for grabs in this fandom include plushies, prints, posters, T-shirt designs and so on...) hope this was at least a bit helpful and answered your questions. 

Welcome to The Herd btw ;) (Wink)  /)
Hottspinner's avatar
Wow massive improvement!
Khaarma's avatar
What 3d printer do you use? Did you manually smooth it down or use a different printer from the former model? The improvement is incredible. Your painting has gotten leaps better and the pose is so dynamic and beautiful. Very lovely.
Miffingoat's avatar
f****** amazing
Rise-of-the-Republic's avatar
But can't have (~:-;)~
Isodria's avatar
oh man i want her so badly!! ;^;
SaphireDragon4's avatar
Oh man... I'd love to see the process you go through to model these.  You somehow perfectly translate poses and proportions from 2D to 3D.

Impressive improvement, by the way!
FoxTone's avatar
Oh wow! I can see the improvement in the head and body for sure! I love how her mane almost snakes around, it looks very cool!
R1gor-Mort1s's avatar
This really great job you did here!! <3
skunkdude13's avatar
Improvements indeed! :D
bro-tato's avatar
omg that's really cool
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