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initial D

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imitating drew struzan style~~~
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This is a damned nice tribute to Struzan. Not only do you have is colored pencil technique and warm/cool color palette down, but you have an extremely nice composition as well. It is beautiful the way you've placed the central characters back to back, and even seemingly joined them together. Even their expressions and intensity match beautifully. I love the way you've established vertical dominance with the young man in the picture. It anchors the design eloquently.

One more thing... you at least are giving Struzan credit for the style you've chosen. So many others that copy his style (and many quite poorly) pretend that they created the style, and that it has nothing to do with Drew's. Utter bullshit!

Keep doing what you are doing because it is awesome.
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This is great. I love Drew Struzan :D

Please...can you tell what technic did you use here?? How exactly did you get this "Drew Struzan" effect??
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Really nice work on the tachymeters & the 86! Wonder if S. Shigeno could draw it this way if it wasn't for manga strips
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This is an awesome print Nice Work!!
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You must run thru a lot of color pencils
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Oh! my idol! Jay! Nice job!
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i like this !!very nice!!
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Cool pic, my favorite artist's style, AND my fave street racing to the original anime! Good work!
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i love this! well..i love jay chou in general, lol. but i do agree, his upper lip seems a bit exaggerated. But i love the effect of the picture overall! ...and i thought it was traditional media at first, too! xD oh, and the entire bottom half with the car is absolutely amazing!! x3
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haha, my room mate as a AE86
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Still I'm speechless looking at how u manage to create that atmosphere! Simply gorgeous!!
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ha. 周杰倫!?
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Funny that you referred to Drew, cuz that's who I was gonna say your work remined me of.

Good job.
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That is one crazy work! I love how that stitching tightens up towards facial areas.
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WOW!! nice .. I think you have got Anne Suzuki & Jay Chou just right.
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like this..ive seen the film..this is nicer than the dvd cover..
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O.O the composition of this image is just awesome. I've never seen Initial D but now I am curious lol! Great job! wish i could draw like you!
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I love Struzan style, I love the look of the poster, well done... though the arms fading into each other looks a bit off.

I particularly like the glowing dashboard in the sky. Well done!
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Awesomely created :+fav:
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Way awesome. I love it.
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great job!~ this looks wonderful, but i think jays upper lip is too big. i love how you painted this. ^^
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ty ty......mayb gua...not so sure -_- ....
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what is Drew Struzan's style? can't really differentiate.. >.<
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