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Well my 3rd year of University is kinda over, all work done and handed in! :la: :dance: It feels so odd! I graduate on 13th July (I hope :fingerscrossed: ) I will get a BA after my name :XD: but it is not the end of my University career as I am doing a Masters degree in September. :)

As Promised, my watcher feature :la:

Who knew I had 326 watchers? :faint:  Every watcher gets 1 deviation feature, unless they commented on my previous journal/poll :) (obviously deactved, clubs and accounts with no submissions will not be included)

Feb 2009
i see black by AndreiKanake

March 2009
Mock Art Exam by Natnatartyfoo Silent Goodbyes by yuyufreak72 Supernatural wallpaper by DevilsTrap :thumb271018489: dev_111 by Kovaliov K-9 by rosienotrose Woods and River - Scene 07 by ErythraeDesigns

April 2009
TerritoryVivian walked through the door of the corner grocery store and headed back home. The cool night breeze tugged at her waivy hair that was the color of copper. Her hazel eyes scanned the street seeing only a couple of people out walking.
She thought of her father asleep in the house they just moved into two days ago. They had been doing nothing but unpacking for the past two days. They had moved to Denver Colorado for her father's new job.
Her father was Victor Valentine. A Detective that put 4 diferent seriel killers behind bars in the past 10 years.
That's why she was out this late. She had to go get coffee grounds so her father could actually function in the morning. He was going to his new office in the morning and meeting up with his new team to start on his new case. There have been a string of distinct murders in the state of Colorado.
Suddenly it started raining. The cold raindrops came slowly down at first. Then they were soaking Vivian as she hugged her coat to her. It wasn't m
sunny by awawawDodcutedie

Mature Content

From the Abyss by Realbaddame

May 2009
:thumb115236052: the blue tower by Blastermind Before the sun set .... by Motoratona 'Lost to Madness' for Terry by Merisha

June 2009
Man Whores by CoreanSam yet another eye... by cas-jord Gate by xVirtualInsanityx Mystery by TheJerk4 bathtub by busstopgirl

July 2009
life of the shoes by InDiAnShAdOwS M a g i c by screamst Replacement Muse by timber-kun-wolf :thumb252905375: Xavier Samuel by wheretheywander Angel D. Jessifina by greedsgirl Wallace Collection by Spedding-Stock RMF Cover Experimentation by forevertwilightobses Waiting for you by Epoxy-Heart Bunny Cupcakes by Sagufta1993 goldfishie by HRSart Tied Down by Misuzu84

Aug 2009
Fake Inked Ichigo by Yaoifan44 Give's you wings... by Propaganda-Drive 'Hermione Granger' finished by ArtOfKatjaK lets find a ship to wreck by SKUS Sweet little Butterfly by imortalchaos Scandal Knockout Sketch by afangirlsdream :thumb158992909:

Mature Content

Vamos by fightthesky Le Monde d'Ange by DamzelD B-tch?So I'm bitter and angry?
Pessimistic too?
What about hurt and lonely?
Is this my cue?
Am I meant to be smiling?
Even when I stand here alone?
While my pain keeps on climbing?
Should I be watching my tone?
Can I show you my pain?
Or should I ignore this itch?
To tell you the truth in plain?
Just so you can still call me a bitch?
:thumb299042563: WinchestersIcon2 by kingdomhearts-junkie Brittanette or Britteleanorchipettes I is Batman by SSNTTP-Vivi Dylan by Saidaisuke9 Dark Angel by Maria-Hunter13

:star: Awesome Mentions! :star:
:iconanyman82: ED Objects Test 5 by anyman82 Apoc-1 UPDATED 19 by anyman82 Rebel 2-2 by anyman82 Office 4 by anyman82
:iconmr-macd: No.........It's NOT  a Llama, it's an Alpaca. by mr-macd 12th Century Cniht (Knight) by mr-macd Little Prince the Well and the Snake by mr-macd Little Prince Death of the Rose Dark by mr-macd
:iconronekimew: :thumb266782519: :thumb291356583: Just Me by ronekimew
:iconmysocks4u:   Serenity by mysocks4u Every Tear is a Waterfall by mysocks4u Scratchboard Assignment by mysocks4u Charcoal Still Life by mysocks4u
:iconshopkey: The Ring Ch 1It was a cold and dreary day, the kind that tends to bring out the crazies and the homicides. Aragorn hated to think of what might happen but at the same time having lived in this city for two decades, had helped him grow numb to the blood.
"We have a new case," Legolas, the sole elf on the force said placing a file on his desk.
Aragorn opened the file and quickly shut it again, he had seen blood in his time but this was above and beyond anything he'd ever seen before.
"What happened?" He asked.
"The Nazgûl, they're  back," Legolas said ominously.
"How? Sauron's been sleeping for ages," Aragorn knew this could only mean one thing: the ring had been found.
Aragorn rubbed his temples for a while and finally said: "Legolas, do we know who has the ring?"
"Not yet, but all the signs seem to point to it being among the hobbits," Legolas said.
Aragorn motioned for Legolas to come with him putting on his coat and hat.
"Where are we going?" he asked wondering where Aragorn was dr
Betta Fish Girl by ShopKey Enigma-37 by ShopKey You are not alone"Come with me!" Avi said pulling me out of my depression induced sleep.
"Come on, I need some sleep," I replied  rolling over and pulling the covers back over my head.
"I've got something I want to show you Livvy but I can only show it to you if you get out of bed!" She sounded persistent so I got up.
I put my thick, ugly, glasses on along with some semi-decent pajama bottoms and let her drag me all the way to the garden in the back. She took me to her favorite perch and helped me climb to the top branch. It was chilly up there that morning, the sun hadn't risen and all was quiet.
"Livvy, look" Avi said pointing to the horizon, her Italian roots coming through to tinge the corners of my name.
The sunrise was beautiful, reds and oranges and purples and blues and all sorts of colors I couldn't even begin to name danced across the sky. Avi then took my hand in hers and smiled only I didn't get to see the smile because by that time my vision had finally gone. I was now alone in t

:iconkikybee: Sky by KikyBee Portrait by KikyBee Grasshoppers by KikyBee Tropicano by KikyBee

To Be Continued!

Thank you so much all of you for watching! :hug:

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sorry for the late reply, but thank you very much :heart:
Clavis-Salomonis's avatar
^^ you're very welcome :D and no worries :hug:
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:iconyoyocici2plz: Thank you very much again for the feature :iconheavenlyplz:! And congratulations on completing your BA o(^___^)o :icongraduatingplz: Tis a great achievement!:iconsmartyplz:
Good Luck in your upcoming years of studies for your Masters! and... :glomp:
Clavis-Salomonis's avatar
^^ you're very welcome :hug:
and thank you so much!! :tighthug:
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Thanks for the feature!!!! Congrats on making through college!
Clavis-Salomonis's avatar
^^ you're very welcome :D
And thank you :hug: I just have to find out my grades.. I'm very nervous ^^;
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ThanXXX, SOOO much! I REALLY appreciate it! You deserve great Congratulations on your BA! Well done! Keep on Creating! Cheers!
Clavis-Salomonis's avatar
^^ you're very welcome, you're a very talented artist!
Thank you so much, I hope I get an ok grade ^^;
mr-macd's avatar
You are VERY kind! Ihope you get a good Grade too! Keep on Creating! Cheers!
Clavis-Salomonis's avatar
:hug: I only speak the truth :)
and thank you so much!
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Thank you so much for the feature dear! :D :iconsuperheroglompplz: oh, and CONGRATS for graduating! :D :iconflowerdanceplz:
Clavis-Salomonis's avatar
:hug: You're very welcome :D
Thank you! I just have to get my grades now (I'm very nervous!)
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Thank you for the feature :hug:
Clavis-Salomonis's avatar
^^ you're very welcome :D
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Woo! Thanks a lot for the feature, ma'am! :D
Clavis-Salomonis's avatar
You're very very very welcome! I love your stock! :hug:
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Thanks for the feature! :)
Clavis-Salomonis's avatar
You're very welcome :hug:
I'm glad you saw :la:
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