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FG1D El Salvador 2

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The Chance-Vought F-4U Corsair was developed as a high speed fighter based around the most powerful engine available at the time, the Double Wasp 18 cylinder radial. The engine developed 2,000 hp and made the Corsair a 400 mph+ fighter. But there were a number of teething troubles and modifications needed before it would be acceptable for combat to the US Navy and Marine Corps. It was these issues that caused the Corsair to actually enter service for the first time with the British, rather than the US Navy, but by 1943 it was proving to be a successful fighter, and went on to perform in various roles including ground attack, well after WW2. It was employed by the USA, Great Britain, New Zealand, Argentina, Honduras, France, and El Salvador.

The Corsair was armed with 6 x 12.7mm machine guns, and later versions had provision for rockets and bombs.

This example is an FG-1D (Goodyear-built F4U-1D) of the El Salvador Air Force, circa 1965.
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