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Avia B.135 Bulgaria 1

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A few Czech-built Avia B.135 entered service with the Bulgarian Air Force in WW2.  Additional engines and airframes were available but never used as the Bulgarians were encouraged to buy the Messerschmitt 109 instead.

Engine problems caused the aircraft to be relegated to training duty for the most part, but it did see combat in 1944 when four B.135s intercepted USAF bombers in Bulgarian air space.  

The B.135 was armed with 2 x 7.92mm machine guns and 1 x 20mm cannon.

This example is an B.135 of the Bulgarian Air Force 1944
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And yes four  Avia's B135 shot down one B-24. The B-24 was damaget from before and they down it with their MG's  only ,coz these were training mashines and dont have the 20mm gun.
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Can you make some Bulgarian made planes? 
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Yay more Bulgarian stuff pls <3
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More Bulgarian stuff in the pipeline.. ;)
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Hmm... Bf-109... hmm.. ;)
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I second ~KingmanandLoki's comment. It looks fast an mean, these coolers and exhausts combined with the grey outfit make it look like a submarine almost :D

It might have had potential... But the 109 looks like a much more versatile fighter indeed.
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Looks like it had potential she looks like knife blade. Love that low slung canopy.
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Not a very beautiful plane.
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i don't know, not that bad looking, I've seen uglier planes, the Beriev KOR-2 for example
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It did perform for intended purpose, right?
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I think so, the Bulgarians claimed to have shot down a B-24, but it's not entirely certain....
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Around 100 USA and British(mostly USA B-24's, P-38 Lightings,and some P-51 Mustangs and B-17's) planes were shot down by the Bulgarian fighter pilots and AA guns. After Sept. 1944 and 20 German planes destroyed ,mostly on the ground by the Bulgarian Bombers. 200 USA airman lost their lives and 300 were captured. Over 2000 Bulgarian civilians and 10 soldiers lost their lives on the ground. Bulgarian pilots lost 19 fighter pilots against the USA bombers and fighters atacks ,and 24 pilots against Germans mostly from the German AA guns.
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