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The Castle

Rata Blanca is the most classic heavy metal band in South America and this image was commissioned to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the band. When it comes to album covers, working with classic bands is always a privilege for any visual artist. One of the first things that got me into art and graphics when I was a kid were all those fantastic illustrations on heavy metal covers from the 70s and 80s. So the minute this band got in touch with me, I knew it was going to be something special.

The original gold was to upgrade the cover of the band's first album; a modern, more sophisticated version of that old castle. Even though the original illustration is extremely simple, I didn't want to departure too much from it; just to add more detail, color and depth.

Here's the original cover

I painted the basic shape of the castle and then added a lot of textures to achieve the final photo-realistic look. I used clouds from my own photo-archive. All textures were taken from here; [link]

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Hello There

I'm a new youtuber and I would like to use your art for a story I'm narrating on YouTube. All credit for it will go to you of course and with a link to your art work.

Thank you for your time
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[Hedwigs theme Intensify's]
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Beautifully rendered and a fine composition. It's very atmospheric and engaging, excellent work, well done!
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dod you dwaw dat.
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cute. reminds me a little of hogwarts
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...very nice -- I can see wanting to live here.
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This is so cool! i thought it was Hogwarts
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Great Job! I love it!
Pink-Blue-Sylveon's avatar
Anybody see that as Hogwarts? Or is that just me.
Hi can i just say wow... you probably get this a lot but im trying to develop more skills so i can become a multimedia artist and i was wondering if you could give me some pointers or tips??
it would really mean a lot :)
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Please tech me how to draw like you?
kajsamountainbridge's avatar
OMG!!!!! do you animate? because if you do work or a company doing backgrounds i MUST WATCH IT!!!!!!!!
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Very nice, but if it was done via commission, how come prints are being sold?

I didn't know that was a thing.
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I can sell prints.  That is not in conflict with the client's business.  They sell records and t-shirts, not art prints.
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Ahhh, fair enough.  I thought if they paid for a commission, they 'technically' owned the image.  Thanks for clearing that up :).
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On most of these commissions there is NO ownership contract.  Just a verbal agreement.  And since there are no millions of dollars involved, nobody cares.   For mainstream acts on the other hand, the arrangement are different, all uses and ownership are specified in the contract; and I always ask for allowance free use on personal collections and art prints.
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Cheers for the information :).
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