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Curfew Paranoia

These are strange an dangerous times... and it really worries me. Innocence has become a precious jewel.

This image is a kind of statement about how dangerous a city under siege or a curfew can be: a situation in which even a child could be considered a threat... but is he? is he playing? what is he hiding really?
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It looked like the boys knees were bent the wrong way.. can't unsee it
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To me,don´t look like a granede.Maybe a gadget that keep something that the govenment wanna keep away of the people? :hmm:
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why does this remind me of half-life 2
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I'm not familiar with that
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just a game that I played
I like this - there's definitely a kind of war on innocence - and a confusion between innocence and naivete. Like a miraculous element, resource, form of life, idea, etc. - some seek to destroy it, ignore it, protect it, own it, etc. 

  The artwork is interesting - the most "real" contrast is the boy (or tomboy), and everything else has a surreal quality - yet best of all, the kid isn't in a state of fear or appearance the way older people might think of "kids" - but rather a tone of courage, apprehension and a touch of childlike daring, honesty.

   Kids can very much be a threat to an adult world in the bizarre truth that most kids have the potential to achieve/create/be what most people are made to think takes 10-20 years, and yet somehow, its something many/most people never know, or often forget.

   Not so different than the hero of any story, who knows that things are not as they appear, opposed by those who would do anything to silence that knowing. 

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thanks for that extended reflection!   :)
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do i c inspiration in hl2? :iconfrynotsureifplz:
I goddamn love this piece of art X3
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is that a VG?? I don't play VG, sorry...
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oh, then take a look at this [link]
the similarities are awesome
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oh well... next to the fact that Marconi and Tesla invented the radio at the same time, this is just a small similarity. ;)
Great concept, but this unveils the the new face of urban warfare. An unrequited response to the ever popular "winning the hearts and minds" of people in an occupied country.
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Deviation with same theme :


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Oh well... (I like it actually)
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When I saw the stone behind the boy's back, I figured he was going to try to fight back. There was an idea of "futility" to me. I guess that wasn't your intent though. :)
This is quite the emotive piece here. Keep up the great work.
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Well the original ideas were confusion, paranoia and violence. The point is that you don't know what is the child's intent... and neither the troopers.
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Even creepier is how you styled the swat team just like chibi versions.
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Something is their design. They look adult, yet not as towering over the kid either.
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Aha!... right... that's because of perspective... I really wanted this from a very low point of view; almost ground level.
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Yes, I caught the Spielberg reference. :) Just that shouldn't the adults then look taller?
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Not necesarelly. If the perspective point of view is low enough and the angle view is wide, even a flower can look taller than a larger object in the background.
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Great work!

V for Vendetta comes to mind...
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Hmmm... actually, the client's pitch was: "a cross between Robocop and Escape from New York". A sort of violently totalitarian under-siege society.
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