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He's the outlaw that rides the post apocalyptic west. The fastest gun of the radioactive wastelands... He is ChernoBill.

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Cool artwork, well done.

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It's got a post-apocalypse theme, but it's very Frazetta-ish. C:
There are so many elements I love in this pic, though the neanderthals chasing after him as he flips them off is the best.
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An interesting piece of art. Much better than any of my friends can do.
Are those neanderthals or mutants?
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This is a great idea. I love the fact that you can't tell if he is her captor or savior. There are some great details thrown in as well. Evdn his name made me chuckle (and groan). Well done!
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Thanks a lot!   He might be a savior, he just might be doing it for himself... who knows!
there is nothing more badass than dude with a cool looking jacket and gas-mask.
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haha ! beauty snatcher !!!
amazing story you got there .. and a great way to show it
lighting is my most favorite part ... a good apocalyptic cliche with those amber-redish colors and you've done it great
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the finger's the best!
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Man, this is just Perfect !! And his name ... priceless !!
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I don't know if he's rescuing her or stealing her! :omfg:

Either way, no wonder they're pissed! :slow:

The finger in the sun is a nice touch! :thumbsup:

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This. This is awesome.
His name officially made my day xD That's really clever :D
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hehe... yeah...  well I can't take credit for that... is the name of the band for which I made this album cover.  The character is mine though!
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Ah, that's cool, I'll have to check that band out :D I really love the character concept :nod: You should do some more art for him
ClaudioBergamin's avatar
oh there will be more of him for sure!   We are currently working on the concept for the second cover...  stay tuned!
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