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After The Apocalypse...

ok... another post-apocalyptic extravaganza... it seems armageddon has become my specialty... "we need to destroy the world... who should we call? Claudio!!"... oh well.

It was commissioned by german thrash legends Paradox as cover art for their album "Tales of The Weird"... which is about, guess what!? the end of mankind!!! XD.

I've been watching a lot of documentaries about the Mayan Prophecies and December 2012 but there was one that stood out. An old doc about Zechariah Sitchin and the giant Planet Nibiru... Dr Sitchin explained how this giant planet Nibiru, millions of years ago, collided with a planet that used to orbit between Mars and Jupiter, that's why there's an astroid belt in that orbit now. Supposedly, Nibiru, which follows an elliptical vertical orbit around the Sun, will pass again, this time very near Earth... resulting in massive cataclysmic events. I was hooked! I needed to include Nibiru in one of my paintings... this was the right time!

The characters I kind of stole them from the 1979 Buck Rogers pilot movie. Buck returns to his native city, only to find ruins and deformed survivors of the holocaust. If you watch it now, you'll probably laugh, but at age 6, it really scare the crap out of me! I'm pretty sure they used cloaks to hide the fact that they didn't have enough budget to apply mutant-make up to all the stunt-men, but that was actually a better solution, no special effect can compete with your own fears... who knows what hides underneath those cloaks right?

All textures were taken from here [link]

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HammerinInkminer's avatar post apocalyptic stories and images, and this is one more that doesn't disappoint.  
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Wow, Your artwork is fantastic and incredibly detailed. It's jaw dropping really. Beautiful, original, unique and inspirational. And also, viewing the artwork in your gallery, you definitely know what's up with the world. 
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Thanks..  I appreciate it
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No problem at all :)
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Oh Whow ! Fantastic dark atmosphere and creepy characters !!
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reminds me of thundarr the barbarian :D i love it.
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*a "stalker" comes up to the surface from the metros to see the preacher from the Metro last light trailer* Stalker: Hey, MUDAK! You ok?!
Preacher: ARMAGEDDON!!!!

Stalker: ummmmmmm....oooookkkkaaayyyy
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I found this curious
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УУУУ - отлично!!!!
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I don't think that Nibiru is going to be that kind of threat, although that's just my gut feeling. Love the piece and that's how Lovecraft was so efective, for the most part he left his horrors in the shadows and let hints and suggestions do the work. Thank You
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Uhhh... There wasn't any Lovecraft inspiration for this one. I agree about Nibiru though... I don't think it'll be this kind of threat; but it makes hell of a scene!!!
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Your wonderful work is featured here:[link].
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:onfire: ... excellent!
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This is just epic :wow::la::wow:
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Really nice!!
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Jesus!! If this is what the end of the world looked like, it'd be utterly terrifying. It's a brilliant and creepy pic.
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Creepy and awesome :iconclapplz:
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Maravilloso trabajo!!
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This looks so cool! I love the lighting I can't stop looking at it!
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epic background and designs, too badass!
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Nice...very very Nice....
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