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August 13, 2014
4th dimensions by bergamind is a wonderful Escher inspired digital mixed media piece! This is a prime example of great composition, lighting, colour, and detail working together harmoniously. For more inspirational works be sure to visit this artist's entire gallery. 
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Suggested by Kida-neechan
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4th dimensions

Sunset in the 4th dimension... the world of dreams!

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your nice work is featured here :) (Smile)
godofwarlover's avatar
This would be a nice place to live
LuckyStarLane's avatar
amazing perspective and all around spectacular 
futchibon's avatar
Incredible! Dramatic and thought provoking, do you mind if I use it in a film I'm doing on Surrealism for film school? Thanks! :)
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Great piece of work!
Thanks for sharing...
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segawa2580's avatar
this reminds me of the game Monument Valley
PerpetualPeep's avatar
Wow! I love the concept! What a wonderful piece of artwork! :D
Interesting place. Congrats on the DD! :)
Furrymind13's avatar
Oh god, The Escher of it all!!
Van-Dunkelschreiber's avatar
I don't quit get the half figure floating in the air
Van-Dunkelschreiber's avatar
I see and he is levitating then
ClaudioBergamin's avatar
upside down... yes
michaelhardcore13's avatar
4th Dimension is cool!
RavensHiddenSoul's avatar
Only so vaguely Escher-esque... But my goodness, what imaginings this brings, to wonder what other laws of physics are defied here, besides 3-D gravity and solidity?~ For the tone of dreams is only further highlighted by the phantasmalistic shadows co-existing... And the lights are only on in the building that seems the closest to crooked (in the back)? We can only dream of walking among such beautiful light and such elegant shadows at the same time, indeed.

It's beautiful. ~<3
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