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The Giant of Rainy Grove - Chapter 4 (Rewrite)
What is this? Grace didn’t speak the words aloud, unwilling to interrupt the scene unfolding before her. She hung back from the man who so violently destroyed her uncle’s tavern and just watched in silence. Grace held her brother tightly to her, her arms pressing him to her side and unwilling to let him move an inch; though he stank of sweat, though he was muddied and bloodied, she didn’t care so long as he stayed close to her. Uncle Will stood behind the two of them, uneasy hands set upon both of their shoulders.
They stood behind the old wood mill. To the left was the building, to the right burbled a small creek, and in the middle of the two opposing elements sat an old wooden cart. On the cart was a large mass of something, and it was covered with a few large, red-soaked linen. Around the cart, spread out behind the mill, were hunters. There was Lucas leaning against the mill with his arms folded, squinting his grey eyes at the stranger. Henry was standing near the
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Notre Bonne Mere - Our Good Mother by Theophilia Notre Bonne Mere - Our Good Mother :icontheophilia:Theophilia 220 26
The Giant of Rainy Grove - Chapter 3 (Rewrite)
“Hair like fire, I tell you! Oh, and the prettiest little giggle you ever heard, like starlight.”
“That don’t make sense. Light don’t make sound, and stars don’t make sound.”
“You just don’t have no ‘magination! It’s… it’s… damn the deeps, what’s that word?”
Grace wasn’t paying particular attention to the conversations buzzing around the bar. As usual, she darted back and forth behind the long wooden surface to collect glasses, pour drinks, collect money, and wipe down spills. She happened to pass by at just the right time to catch old man Hammont’s conversation with Mister Gartan.
“Imagery,” Grace supplied, breezing by the two men to catch the glass teetering on the edge of the bar. Sometimes it surprised people, the things she knew. She didn’t think it was so surprising; every strange word, every wonderful place, every new idea sat in the printed pages of book
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Lannak Family Patron Saints by Theophilia Lannak Family Patron Saints :icontheophilia:Theophilia 211 43
The Giant of Rainy Grove - Chapter 2 (Rewrite)
Owen Blue gulped as the sun slipped from his view, obscured by the thick branches above his head. Strong spring winds whistled through those branches and into his eardrums, where the chilly air became a gentle growl against the numb shell of his ear. His arms, despite his coat, were covered with goosebumps and every few minutes, Owen would give a sudden, violent shiver. He attempted to wrap his coat more tightly around him, but it was just no use. They lived so close to the sea that the humidity in the air coupled with the low temperatures stabbed right through his clothing and into his very bones. The magnificent mountains that sheltered them from the sea storms to the East also ensured that the sunlight didn’t touch the ground until well into the morning. Currently, it was only seven in the morning. The satchel over his shoulder felt twice as heavy as when he first started this trek, and so did his boots. They’d been walking for over an hour now, and there was no sign of
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Lime the Slime by PinoyKambal Lime the Slime :iconpinoykambal:PinoyKambal 5 3
The Giant of Rainy Grove - Chapter 1 (Rewrite)
She’d never seen a tree so large before, so baffling in its height that she couldn’t fully comprehend it. When she looked up into the clouds, squinting to understand, it didn’t look like a tree. It looked like a road. Winding and imperfect in its straightness, but a road all the same. She stood at the foot of it and craned her neck, but the top of the tree was so tall that it disappeared into the sky above. She didn’t know how long she stood there for- hours? Days? It was hard to tell. And why couldn’t she look away from the tree? She knew that there was grass around her, wind blowing, sun shining, but she couldn’t look. No, it wasn’t that she couldn’t, she just didn’t want to. There was a feeling, and instinct, that if she let her eyes wander from the tree, then she would be lost.
“Grace,” the wind whispered, blowing her hair up and around her like a dark curtain. She knew that voice, but she couldn’t place it
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The Giant of Rainy Grove - Prologue (Rewrite)
She didn’t know what love was before, not really. There was love for her parents, love for laughter, love for a bright day, but nothing like this. Nothing like Florian. The all-consuming burn that filled her chest when he stood close, the raging storm flowing along her skin wherever his fingers traveled, the feeling of being so complete and full of him that she was set to burst- that was what he brought forth in her. Love. It was passion, yes, and it was addiction. He consumed her and set her free all at once. It was illogical and frenzied, steady and sure. She was positive that he was her forever, the kind that she would only see- only feel- once in this long lifetime.
She was young, but not so young that she couldn’t split her life into two parts- before and after him. Before, she got into trouble for the sake of the thrill, to feel that prickle along her skin that always arose when she was walking away from a market stall or a crowd. She was hooked on the pit that grew i
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Mayor Want by PinoyKambal Mayor Want :iconpinoykambal:PinoyKambal 4 9 Secundum Cor Tuum - Ordination Holy Card by Theophilia Secundum Cor Tuum - Ordination Holy Card :icontheophilia:Theophilia 147 33 Amas Me? Sequere Me by Theophilia Amas Me? Sequere Me :icontheophilia:Theophilia 185 59 Japanese Christ Pantocrator by Theophilia Japanese Christ Pantocrator :icontheophilia:Theophilia 770 228
Mature content
An RP Story: The Guardian Genie (Part 3) :iconpinoykambal:PinoyKambal 12 2
An RP Story: The Guardian Genie (Part 2)

Robin decided to run in the opposite direction from the two giants. But then all of a sudden, under her step she heard a "Click!" And the second after she was falling. It was a trap and she triggered it, she screamed as she was falling into a sort of river.
As Robin emerged out of the water, the strong stream of the river carried her down deeper in the tunnel. Her first thought was screaming for help "HELP ME!!!" Robin shouted as she flailed her arms and tried hard to keep her head above water.
The current was too strong for her as it brought the helpless child at a giant whirlpool leading to an unknown destination underwater.
But as that happened, the ring on her finger started glowing.
Robin squirmed in the water with her arms in the air as she’s sinking in the whirlpool. As her hand was about to disappear under water, she caught something and instinctively held onto it and then it lifted her out of the water then into the air.
When she l
:iconpinoykambal:PinoyKambal 15 3
An RP Story: The Guardian Genie (Part 1)

An RP Story: The Guardian Genie
By: PinoyKambal and Major-Owen
In a faraway land, there's a city built by giants in the middle of the desert. Attracting caravans and merchants from all around, the city is like a shinning diamond lost in an endless sea of sand.
Every day the market was bustling with various people, either be giants or smaller beings seeking fortunes from their stock or performance. Honoring and spreading the rumors that everything could be found in this city even genies lamps and rings.
Our tale begins in the night of this one street of the city, through the window of a shady looking shop lived a little red haired human child sleeping soundly in a tiny cage until she was forcefully woken up by the giant merchant and owner of the shop. He slapped the bars of the tiny cage where the little girl was detained and shouted "Wake up, runt! It's not the time for sleeping! If you had brought back something more valuable than last time, I wouldn't ha
:iconpinoykambal:PinoyKambal 19 8
The Rowan Tree: Chapter 26
Rowan sat quietly at her small table, poking at, but not eating, the meal that Seamus had prepared for her as she kept her eyes down.  Seamus sat across from her at the larger table that her smaller one was atop, eating his own meal and consistently looking up at her with concerned emerald eyes.  She could see him looking at her, but she made sure not to meet his gaze no matter what, focusing her eyes instead on the meal that she had no interest in eating.  She then heard her giant guardian clear his throat awkwardly before finally speaking over the deafening silence.
“I made some fresh brown bread as well if you’d like to have some of that later,” she heard him say.  Rowan simply ignored him as she continued to poke at her food.  She heard him sigh in response to her silence before continuing to eat his meal.  A few awkwardly silent moments later, he spoke again.  “I…thought I’d do some work out in the garden today
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