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St. Thomas Aquinas bookplate by Theophilia St. Thomas Aquinas bookplate :icontheophilia:Theophilia 49 9 St. Martha icon by Theophilia St. Martha icon :icontheophilia:Theophilia 70 9
The Rowan Tree: Chapter 24
Thea smiled and took a deep bow as the audience on the street clapped and cheered for her, throwing a few coins her way.  It was nearing the end of the day, and this always proved to be a profitable time to perform in the street right across from the tavern as many people were usually on their way there to drink away their troubles after a long, hard day’s work.  Now that it was getting colder though with the approaching winter, business was a bit slower, so she did her best to make sure that she performed as often as she could and in the most populous parts of town.  
As the audience dispersed, the young Gypsy knelt to the ground to gather up her day’s earnings until she felt a shadow looming over her.  Looking up, she found herself gazing into the hard, leathery face of the tavern owner, known as Bromley.  The large, burly, middle-aged man was scowling hard down at her.
“Thea, you little tart!” he growled with breath that wreaked of gi
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St. Mary Magdalene icon by Theophilia St. Mary Magdalene icon :icontheophilia:Theophilia 174 57
The Giant of Rainy Grove (GT) - Chapter 6
Alistair stepped outside and closed the door softly behind him. The dew on the grass caught the early morning sunlight and sparkled like hundreds of diamonds. He crossed the garden without looking around him and stopped in front of a tall tree with a small house nestled in its branches. He stooped to knock. He waited for a few moments and knocked again, louder.
“Just a moment.” The petite woman yawned and padded across the treehouse floor. Alistair’s large form greeted her as she opened the door.
She rubbed her eyes. “What’s going on? I thought my house was about to be knocked down again.”
“That’s not funny, Dewdrop.”
She giggled. "I mean even if it did, you'd have to build it up all over again. I need a bigger kitchen."
She almost caught Alistair grinning, but he quickly wiped it off his face.
Dewdrop's expression became somber. “I saw Paul in my dream last night, and his expression was that of pure happiness and bliss. That'
:iconalooa95:alooa95 5 6
The Giant of Rainy Grove (GT) - Chapter 5
Grace fastened the buckle on her satchel with a snap. Inside were three well-worn dresses, an intricately carved comb that had belonged to her mother, and a few other keepsakes.
She looked around the wooden house she had called home all her life. The ceilings were so low that she could touch them with her fingers if she stood on tiptoe, but the house was immaculate. In winter, the smell of the fireplace greeted her when she came home. In spring and summer, the kitchen smelled of seasonal flowers, and in fall, apples.
Her father had carved the chairs of dark oak, like the tables, and forest green cushions rested on them. A large oval window let the afternoon sunlight in, illuminating Grace’s friends and Owen, who stood apart, gazing outside.
Grace’s best friend Jane watched her, teary eyed. With a quick movement, Jane unclasped her own necklace and fastened it around Grace’s neck. “So you won’t forget me. Or us,” she added, nodding to Maria and Diane.
:iconalooa95:alooa95 8 9
The Giant of Rainy Grove (GT) - Chapter 4
Emery led Grace, Owen, and Will across the clearing to the giant. “Just to clarify, you were on your way home when Randy’s men killed the child, right?” Emery asked in a low voice.
Owen nodded.
They approached, sidestepping Roland’s twisted body. The corpses of the other men lay scattered around the mountainous figure of the still-kneeling giant. One was draped over a tree branch like a piece of discarded clothing. Randy yelped in horror as the giant crushed the last of his men in his fist. The giant’s ice blue eyes narrowed. “My son was five years old,” he growled. “Before I kill you, I will break five of your bones. Slowly”
“Giant!” Emery’s authoritative, baritone voice rang out in the night.
The large head turned, cold eyes scrutinizing the group of humans who dared to approach him and his prey. “Speak, human.”
“On behalf of the village of Rainy Grove, I am deeply sorry for the death of your so
:iconalooa95:alooa95 15 9
The Giant of Rainy Grove (GT) - Chapter 3
“What is this?”
Grace’s jaw dropped. A large, wooden cart sat behind Woodcutter Sam’s shop. Something huge covered with a white cloth lay on top of the wooden cart.
Could this be his son?
Grace did not want to know what was hidden under the cloth. She looked at the man next to her, only to see his eyes widen with rage. He snarled, “Remove the cloth!”
Owen, his body shivering in terror, untied the ropes that bound the covered body. As he removed the white material, Grace gasped and placed her hand over her mouth, fighting the urge to scream.
It was a giant. A giant child. Cuts and scratches marred the dead boy’s face, and Grace stared at Owen in complete horror.
“Owen...did you do this?”
Owen dropped to his knees, covered his face, and began sobbing.
Grace refused to believe her brother was a killer. She glared at Randy, who was still in the man’s grip. The stranger’s reaction astounded her. What had begun as pure rage fa
:iconalooa95:alooa95 18 16
The Giant of Rainy Grove(GT) - Chapter 2
“Grace!” Will called from behind the bar. “I’ve got five ale specials for Randy’s table. Run them on over.”
Grace sighed, her chocolate brown hair falling over her shoulders. She pulled it back into a bun and picked up the tray full of glasses. The ale sloshed onto the wood as it so frequently did. She made her way to the table in question, doing her best to keep smiling. Randy was a man that Grace was not in the mood to see or interact with. He and his men had just returned from their hunting trip and she dreaded the loud boasting that would soon follow.
Her brother Owen had tagged along, much to her surprise. When Grace didn’t see him sitting with the group, she became worried. Randy and his men were in high spirits, beating tables, singing, and chanting loudly. He turned and met her gaze with a smirk as she approached with the tray of drinks. His eyes lingered on her breasts, sending a shiver of disgust down her spine.
“My dear Grace,
:iconalooa95:alooa95 15 16
The Giant of Rainy Grove(GT) - Chapter 1
Owen Blue gulped as he followed Randy and his henchmen, stomping deep into Rainy Grove Forest. He would normally never have ventured this far in and was starting to grow anxious. Randy led his men every week or so on a hunting spree. Having just turned sixteen, Owen took his sister’s advice to follow them and observe how hunting works.
But everyone knew Owen was nothing but a coward; he made no claims otherwise. When he tried to hold a dagger, he almost always dropped it on his foot, overwhelmed by its weight. He was also wary of animals, especially the predatory ones. The villagers snickered, probably thinking how worthless he was. For the most part, he kept to himself. Owen didn’t mind being the outsider.
“Now, now, men. This is only Owen’s first hunt. We don’t want to overwhelm him,” Randy said, smirking, “Right, my boy?”
“Yes, sir.” Owen slowly nodded.
Deep down, he despised Randy and his condescending tone. Randy was cons
:iconalooa95:alooa95 23 9
Thomas and Faye, first encounter by AntivsArtlessPage Thomas and Faye, first encounter :iconantivsartlesspage:AntivsArtlessPage 18 11 Inktober 2018 Day 9- Precious by october-ink Inktober 2018 Day 9- Precious :iconoctober-ink:october-ink 27 2 You Okay in There?- Gt Spotlight #2 by october-ink You Okay in There?- Gt Spotlight #2 :iconoctober-ink:october-ink 25 7 About Time by october-ink About Time :iconoctober-ink:october-ink 29 13 Don't be scared... by october-ink Don't be scared... :iconoctober-ink:october-ink 41 21 A Little Wanderer by october-ink A Little Wanderer :iconoctober-ink:october-ink 21 6




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