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Death Note: L is a genius

By claudiakat
An entry to the :iconhella-toes: movie contest. I haven't read the chapter ( I'm stuck in chapter 33 -_-) but I've been told by :iconwingedneko: (and thanks to her I got the idea) about this scene. And yeah I want to see it in the movie.^^

Kenichi Matsuyama wondering what went wrong in the notion that L is a genius as he enacts the faved chap (well he is and there's no argument there... but, punching someone you're tied up with...? It's just too cute. hehe).^^ No offense to my fellow L fans there. I just found it adorably funny to pass up.^^

P.S. L wears shoes here because I didn't know (at the time I made this) that he doesn't wear shoes. My friend just narrated it to me and she didn't mention them shoes.:D
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Genius •_•
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L doesn't punch though, he kicks, but im just an over observant fan, great job!
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Walk up to the club like whaddup i got a oh no oh god wrong building i'm so sorry continue with your funeral god bless.
AnimationSmoothie's avatar
L just broke the 4th wall
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Yeah right but still, one of the most remarkable scene in death note XD a nonsense fight between two smart and awesome people XD

Anyway, you made my day! Love this ;)
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Ryuzaki, you magnificent bastard, I've read your BOOK!
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Haha! thats awesome!
Xx-Anime-UT-Trash-xX's avatar
Ok this is the best episode ever and this is just too funny XD good usage of logic there, L
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The funny thing about geniuses is that, while their intelligence is very high, often, their common sense and social skills are not. I'm afraid this is perfectly realistic.
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I agree. This fact is very often overlooked (which makes it funnier for the people who are aware of this)
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It is overlooked, which makes for some very difficult real life situations. I've had plenty of moments like this in real life- my friends and I have them so often, in fact, that we have a running joke that we should just get a tattoo on our foreheads that reads, "I'm gifted, I swear!" We amuse ourselves.
well, I know that that was stupid of me, well ya, it was. But there is no need to say I'm a "genius" for this. And yes I know that was sarcasim
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L looks so cute here :D (Big Grin) 
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yeah.....i like this part

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i love how you draw L! :D
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