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Oh Darwin. You had a time of it.

okay it's a divisive issue and I didnt notice a lot of the comments til tonight. To avoid conflict on here, i'd rather you didnt get into personal ideas in the comments, there's plenty of places you can go to deal with these things.
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This is my new favourite thing.
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While Darwin is certainly correct that the terminology is wrong, evolution as Darwin defined it is very likely present in the Pokemon universe.  You just have to know where to look.…
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His faces are priceless. :D
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faces are my favourite things to draw! thank you!
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I'm here from reddit, and I love this.
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heh, I love how indignant he is at the end.
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Too true Darwin, but then again this is merely a game and not real. So you don't have to fret over it.
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This is absolutely hilarious. I love Darwin.
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That's just grand. :)
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Lovely comic! :heart:
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I lol'd. Qite clever.
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haha I love the final panel XD great job with this!
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Haha. Nice one. :) :earth:
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OMG, that's hilarious!
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dang his face in panel 7 actually made me kind of emotional
thanks for giving me /feelings/
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all these feelings is confusing!
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The best ever, of all times! :)
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I only just found this and the geek in me laughed with delight .___.
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The "He's evolving?!" face is the greatest!
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Yes, it is widely recognzed, but people still hate it.
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