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Martial arts come in many different styles and originate from several countries. One martial art which is quite unique is Muay Thai or Thai Boxing from Thailand. This kind of martial art was designed by age-old Thai fighters. It is a martial art that uses bone crushing techniques which are devastating. It is used by many of the top defensive teams worldwide including the Navy Seals, Thai military and the CIA. Read more about leander martial arts here.

In contrast to other martial arts where students acquire their belts based on how well their skills are progressing, students of Muay Thai earn their ranks by way of competition in the ring. Since Thai boxing started out, the sole aim for any student is to win a championship belt which exhibits their dominance in fighting. Lots of martial arts feature some type of striking techniques but they usually do not compare to the dominance of Muay Thai. The techniques highlight use of intense and strong kicks, elbows and punches while utilizing almost no grappling. In Thai fighting, the moves are so powerful that one kick or elbow could easily kill an opponent.

Muay Thai got its start on ancient battlegrounds, grappling and submission holds were never used, because there was always more than one assailant. In addition, most assailants wielded swords so it became necessary to acquire fighting skills that thwarted such weapons. This rigorous battle situation forced the creation of moves that were quick, hard and extremely precise. Muay Thai became a martial art that was fast and responsive with a system of superb weapons, including sticks, spears and swords. Submissions and grappling were going to be included to Muay Thai, but it became a ring sport before that could happen. The techniques in Thai fighting are employed often in kick boxing.

The thing that makes Muay Thai different from other martial arts is the focus on striking. Using the knees and elbows efficiently, is the first area of difference. All across the globe, boxers and stylists dread the Thai techniques that're used with the knees and elbows. To be effective in kneeing and kicking, it is important for the shins to be conditioned. It can be painful initially, but when the nerves are accustomed to it, the shins will become pretty tough. There's nothing in martial arts than what a person witnesses in a Muay Thai competition.

With several years of proper and intense training, a student of Muay Thai can become an exceptional weapon. Because of this, the most lethal of all martial arts is Muay Thai. It really is one of the most effective defensive and competitive martial art nowadays.
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