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I've been working on Child's Game for a while, and decided that today would be the day when I finally bite the bullet and start submitting!

Child’s Game is a Pokemon Nuzlocke (Emerald) in which Simon (immature hipster scumbag) wakes up in a truck with no recollection of how he got there. With an island filled with threatening inhabitants, creatures that fight each other to the death, and houses that all look the same, one thing’s for sure – he ain’t in Kansas anymore.

Basically I'm aiming for something that is somewhat like The Terrible Secret of Animal Crossing. Seriously, there are some very strange things going on in Pokemon Emerald...

I'm using the basic rules (catch first the Pokemon per route, Nickname all caught, if they faint they are boxed), plus two extra allowances:

- I may use items that Simon finds "in the wild", but I may not buy anything other than pokeballs. The reasoning for a ban on store-bought potions will hopefully become clear eventually.

- If there is honestly no way to prevent all of my Pokemon whiting out, I am allowed a restart from my last save point. This only applies to gym leaders. This is largely so I can keep telling the story!

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In most instances the textures used in Child's game are royalty-free images sourced from the amazing BittBox.
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Child's Game: A Burton Nuzlocke.

Yeah, this seems about right.