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Solar Hue
Solar rays precede the rising sun,
Color invades the surrounding atmosphere,
Painting our world in a majestic hue,
Nature raises to greet her world,
Creatures big and small embrace her life,
Drawing in a breath of her seasonal scents.
Springing to life, flora releases her scents,
In direct response of the rising sun,
She gives of her warmth to bring us life,
Enveloping our world in an atmosphere,
A breathable environment, our world,
Around us life abounds in every hue.
Winter paints our lives in a bluish hue,
Bringing forth all evergreen scents,
Providing protection for the world,
Sheltering us from the lessening sun,
Oxygenation of the frigid atmosphere,
Forming our homes, by giving up their life.
Spring begins to bring forth new life,
The world is seen now in a rosy hue,
Songbirds orchestrate the atmosphere,
Blooming flowers permeating scents,
Fill the air as they extend towards the sun,
Nature awakens throughout the world.
Heat and humidity encircles our world,
Now that green leaves
:iconamarantheans:Amarantheans 6 6
Gems of Winter by FramedByNature Gems of Winter :iconframedbynature:FramedByNature 218 17
Take A Load Off!
"What do you think you're doing, honey?"
"I-I'm... uhhh... getting the pudding bread I forgot in the lab!"
"And you'll end up being in the lab for hours again, just like yesterday."
"Am I that bad a liar?"
Saira sure felt like she was, because instead of sneaking into the university biology lab on a weekend, she found herself following the directions Darya gave her. It was a warm and sunny day, and plenty of people were outside; a little boy bumped into her and nearly knocked off her oval-shaped glasses. He was quick to run off while she adjusted them and brushed her blonde curls away from her light-blue eyes. She imagined being in her dream environment: a lab all to herself, no limit to how long she could be there, and a fridge filled to the brim with pudding bread. Unfortunately, Darya's last words before she left made sure that dream would be postponed:
"If I find out from Tanya that you didn't come, I'm gonna let the head of the science department kno
:iconshining-scribe:Shining-Scribe 5 22
new day by O-Gosh new day :icono-gosh:O-Gosh 142 56 Autumn Fairy by Aneriana Autumn Fairy :iconaneriana:Aneriana 5 2 Frohen Nikolaus by Lain-AwakeAtNight Frohen Nikolaus :iconlain-awakeatnight:Lain-AwakeAtNight 82 9
Winter in New England
Flurries circle and swirl in a neat little dance,
landing peacefully among the newly fallen snow,
off the children go into the white expanse
where copious amounts of snowballs they will throw;
they’ll run and laugh and around they will prance,
ending the day with a steaming cup of hot cocoa;
not a single complaint of the wind or cold,
just another New England winter to behold. 
:iconprettyflour:prettyflour 36 23



Fall is here! Which means an amazing landscape of colors, sweater weather, and hot cider. Plus cozy blankets. So I don't know how many of you read Mass Effect/Dragon Age fanfictions, but I'm a huge fan of those games, and it's so fun seeing what people do with the characters! Anyhow, I have compiled a list of some of my favorites/on my to-read list that are on Deviant Art:

**I don't have any Andromeda fanfics because I haven't played the game yet**

Mass Effect Fanfictions:

Dragon Age Fanfictions:

Alissa's Tale: Chapter One by Niksche **Sequel to Progeny.**

If you have any you would like to suggest, let me know in the comments below! Have a wonderful, cozy fall!
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Hello there! Thanks for visiting my page!

Here are a few facts about me:

I love traveling, despite the fact that I'm an introvert. If I could explore every corner of the world right now I would. Seeing pictures of far away places isn't enough for me! I want to explore, stomp on the ground beneath my feet while inhaling new scents and seeing new things. But I love my little corner of the world as well, and will always return home to my love and bookshelf. Reading is my passion. If I could spend every day with my nose in a book that would be paradise. But I do enjoy living and doing things as well, so that only happens on some days. I love rainy days, listening to the gentle or thundering drops on the rooftop while cuddled in blankets next to a window, preferably with a cup of hot chocolate. I'm an average pianist. I love playing my favorite songs but I detest performing in public. When I was young my brother introduced me to the world of video games and I've been hooked ever since. My favorites are RPG's with detailed storytelling, but I enjoy free roaming and shooters as well. I enjoy taking pictures of pretty things, and well they may not be the best that's okay. I don't intend on becoming a professional photographer. Although that sounds totally cool.

And that brings me to my greatest passion: writing. I was a reader first and never thought of being a writer. In fact, I tried writing some stories when I was little and they were all rubbish! A few years ago I stumbled onto Deviant Art and started writing fan fiction. Granted it was bad at first. Then slowly I fell in love with the art of words. My one great goal is to become a full time author. For now, I work and fit in moments of writing when possible. I used to write and post more on here but am now more focused on writing a book instead of fan fiction, especially since I don't have as much time now.

So I hope you have fun exploring my page and have a fantastical day! :)

You can also find me here:

Instagram: (tori_bitton)
Archive of Our Own:…

"Order an adventure for the main course with a side of ridiculousness and a dash of mayhem."
~ Me.

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