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MS: XiaoLu Wu by ClassyNaru MS: XiaoLu Wu by ClassyNaru
Huuu I'm very happy with this compared to his old app |D 
I drew him really huge, so if the app is too pixely that'd be why

Name: XiaoLu Wu

Age: 18

Height: 5’4” ½

Nationality: Canadian (Moved from China)


Personality: XiaoLu is a quiet person who doesn't really know how to socialize properly, struggling to make and keep friends. He is very shy about his lisp and doesn't speak loudly or at all so people won’t notice it. He won’t do things he isn't sure about, sometimes appearing skittish and always needs to be with someone when he does anything new. If he is in a comfortable situation, he will take a chance of acting bold but it doesn't last long. He takes a while to warm up to people but after he does he is very friendly. XiaoLu is always very polite even if he may find the person repulsive because he feels if he wasn't nice then he couldn't say he tried before getting upset.

He is docile for a lot of the time so even when angered, he will rarely raise his voice or act out unless there is a VERY good reason. When angered he likes to swear at people in Chinese, most people don’t know what he’s saying so it’s a nice way to express anger without them knowing.

XiaoLu enjoys company, even if it’s in complete silence. He often fades into the background of situations but doesn't mind it, just as long as everyone else is happy.



Biography: XiaoLu’s parents, XueLi and Yan always wanted to have a big family of five or six but couldn't because of the one child policy in China. They were both miserable about this and decided the only way to get the family they wanted was to pack up and leave. Sadly, soon after moving to Canada, they found out XueLi had a very low chance of pregnancy; the couple was devastated but wanted a family so badly, they continued to try. It took them a few years but sure enough, XueLi fell pregnant.

XiaoLu was born in China while his parents were on a family visit. They returned to Toronto after a few weeks.


Seeing XiaoLu as a blessing, his parents became very protective and never let other people hold him because of how dear he was to them. They both spoke very broken English and were very shy about it, so they rarely left the house. Yan had a steady job that didn't require much English or excessive hours but paid just enough to keep his small family afloat.

When the time came for XiaoLu to go to school, his parents reluctantly let him go. XueLi would often come to check on him halfway through the day to make sure he was alright. XiaoLu never played with other children, opting to sit alone, in turn meaning he had poorly developed social skills. He often sat in the back of the room and drew pictures for his parents before they came to pick him up.


When XiaoLu was eight he expressed interest in gymnastics; his parents were quick to enroll him in an after school class. He’d stay late to continue practicing, using gymnastics as his only outlet for everything. He made a few friends in his team, meeting them outside of class time occasionally. His parents were happy for their son’s friends but were always worried when he was not at home.

One night XiaoLu took the train home after coming from a birthday party, he found himself alone in the cart. He took the opportunity to enjoy being alone. There was a power outage, causing the train stop and the lights to drop out. XiaoLu was frightened and didn't understand what was happening, unable to leave the cart or contact the driver. After a few hours the power returned and the train began moving again. He got off at the next stop and ran the rest of the way home.

He became very nervous around public transport after that, only going on it if someone else he knew was with him. His parents were more than happy to drive him places when he asked.

Magical Name: Super Soldier Shining Solar

Color: Yellow

Quote: “Golden light shine through the night!”

Heart Gem: XiaoLu’s heart lies in a spare house key he keeps attached to a keychain on his bag.

When his father noticed he was a little more skittish than usual, he gave XiaoLu their spare house key. To most people it is just a key but to XiaoLu, it is security. When he looks at it he knows he’s never far from home and his parents are always there. He holds it whenever nervous or stressed and it helps him remain calm.



Angelus: Umori | Snake – Anaconda  Basilisk | 

Angelus Bio:

Before the attack, Umori spent her time on Angellion helping to amuse and entertain others. She would read the fortune for other Angelus as well as collecting stories from them. She often made trips to visit Angelus she knew that’d have interesting stories to tell. She enjoyed listening and keeping other Angelus company and was always willing to lend her time to whatever anyone needed.    



XiaoLu always enjoyed walking home from Gymnastics class; it was a way to spend time on his own before being bombarded by his mother. It also meant he could stay after class as long as he wanted because no one had to pick him up.

As he was walking home, he looked up at the stars. It was a while before he noticed a bright light just out of his sight. XiaoLu quickly turned around to see a ball of light rushing down from the sky. It flew past at an incredible speed, picking up a large gust of wind behind it. XiaoLu was obviously shocked frozen for a moment before he began to run after it. He wanted to know what it was.

The pod crashed a few streets away from XiaoLu as he tried his best to keep up with it. When he finally got to the crash site he found what looked like a snake slithering out of the wreckage. He wasn't sure what to do; snakes were not toys but it looked hurt and he couldn't stand to leave it knowing it’d probably die without help.

XiaoLu emptied his bag, using it to catch the snake and take her home, apologising the whole way as he ran. He made sure he looked up how to take care of a snake and did his best to keep her healthy, too worried a vet might just put her to sleep rather than try to help her.

He used the time they had together to talk to her while he cared for her, asking her how she was every day and confiding in her. He may have kept her for just a little longer than needed because he loved having someone to talk to without being judged. After he was sure she was healthy and she was moving around a lot more; he tried to let her go where he found her but she wouldn't leave him. That’s when Umori decided to explain herself, not that any of her words were taken in.

XiaoLu silently took Umori back home and lay down for awhile before confronting her again. He had her for three months before they exchanged hearts.



Umori has become a constant in XiaoLu’s life. He takes Umori everywhere and the two are barely ever separated, regrettably causing XiaoLu to form anxiety when Umori isn't around. She is a somewhat second mother to him; his voice of reason, looking out for him when he can’t for himself. Umori eats the same food XiaoLu and often sleeps on his pillow which makes his parents nervous but he assures them, she is harmless.  





Stellar Energy Shooter

Description: The Stellar shooter works like a gun for long range attacks, it shoots out energy pulses that appear as small yellow balls of light.



Magical Moves:


[ Movement manipulation – Close range ATK ]

XiaoLu is able move without touching them by waving his hands. He’s very limited in what he can move and he can only really provide a shove while it’s underdeveloped.

[ Frigid vision - SKL]

XiaoLu will get a 5-10 second snippet of future events at any random time, however, he doesn't know where or when it takes place. It takes up quite a bit of energy.




    ·         Doesn't wear anything unless it has a skull or bones on it. He is mildly obsessed with them and incorporates them into every aspect of his life.

    ·         The earring in his Mahou form is actually Dietrich’s.

    ·         He has a habit of literally rolling away from awkward situations.

    ·         Even our of his Mahou form, his eyes glow when stellar power is high.

    ·         He only has a lisp in English, so he doesn't automatically speak it. Unless advised, he may continue to speak Chinese.


    ·         Dietrich: His best friend.   

Character Themes:


†Main Theme || Clarity - Zedd

†Super Soldier theme || Let Out The Beast (Chinese) – EXO

†Unsure fighter - Battle theme || Bangarang - Skrillix

†I can't breathe - Dying theme || Tennis Court - Lorde

†Attack Movement Manipulation theme || N.O - BTS

†Skill Frigid Sight theme || Breakdown - Super Junior M

†High spirits - Happy theme ||Mona Lisa - MBLAQ



†Main theme || Can’t I Even Dream – Rockleetist

†Ready to strike - Battle theme || Summertime Sadness (cedric gervais remix) - Lana Del Rey

†Leave me alone - Sad theme || ET - Katy Perry 

†Feelin' good - Happy theme || GALAXY SUPERNOVA – Girl’s Generation



†My chest hurts - DeetLu || Insane - BTOB

†No more nightmares - DeetLu || Baby Don't Cry - EXO

†Friends theme || Good Time - Owl City

†Having fun - Friends theme 2 || ON THE RICE - Jumicchi

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