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MS: XiaoLu by ClassyNaru MS: XiaoLu by ClassyNaru

After so much agonizing and help from very amazing friends I fINALLY GOT THIS APP FINISHED I'M SO HAPPY *SCREAMS*






†Name: XiaoLu Wu {said like Shiao Lu}

†Age: 18

†Gender: Male

†Height: 5'4" 1/2

†Nationality: Chinese-Canadian



XiaoLu is a quiet person who doesn’t really know how to socialize properly, struggling to make and keep friends. He won’t do things he isn’t sure about, sometimes appearing skittish and always needs to be with someone when he does anything new. He occasionally acts boldly if he sees something he really likes the look of. He takes a while to warm up to people but after he does, they will meet what has been called ‘the real XiaoLu’. He is very friendly and boisterous like most people his age should be. He is docile for a lot of the time so even when angered, he will rarely raise his voice unless there is a reason, instead, he likes to swear at people in Chinese. They don’t know what he’s saying so it’s a nice way to get anger out without them knowing. XiaoLu is always very polite even if he may find the person repulsive because he feels if he wasn’t then he couldn’t say he tried to be nice to the person before getting upset.

XiaoLu enjoys company, even if it’s in complete silence, he will smile. Though he fades into the background, when he’s feeling comfortable, he will open up, even if it’s just to himself.




XiaoLu’s parents always wanted to have a big family of five or six but couldn’t because of the one child policy in China. They were both miserable about this and decided the only way to get the family they wanted was to pack up and leave to Canada where they would be free to have as many children as they wanted. Sadly, soon after moving to Canada, they found out XiaoLu’s mother had a very low chance of pregnancy, the couple were devastated but wanted a family so badly, they continued to try. After several years of trying, XiaoLu’s mother finally fell pregnant.

XiaoLu was born in Toronto to his very grateful parents. Seeing him as a blessing, his parents became very protective of him and never let other people hold him because of how dear he was to them. They both spoke very broken English and were very shy about it, so they usually stayed indoors with XiaoLu. His father had a steady job that didn’t require much English or long hours but paid just enough to keep his small family afloat. When the time came for XiaoLu to go to school, his parents let him go reluctantly, often coming to pick him up half way through the day because they were nervous about his safety. His parent’s paranoia and the short time he spent in school meant XiaoLu had poorly developed social skills and he couldn’t make friends for a long time. He often sat in the back of the room and drew pictures for his parents before they came to pick him up.

He struggled a long time with English but by the time he was 8, he was relatively fluent in English and began teaching his parents.

When XiaoLu expressed his interest in gymnastics, his parents enrolled him in an after school class where he made many friends and began developing a life outside his parents. XiaoLu started sleeping over at friend’s houses and going out on weekends, developing more confidence in himself, he even took public transport on his own, of course, he was never without his parents worries and way too long hugs when he came home but he wouldn’t have had it any other way. One night XiaoLu took the train home after coming from a birthday party, he found himself alone in the cart. He took the opportunity to enjoy being alone for once. The party was about an hour or so from his house so he tried to get a little rest when the train suddenly came to a screeching halt and the power dropped out. XiaoLu was frightened and didn’t understand what was happening, so he sat in his seat for the next two hours until the power came back on and the train was moving again. From then on, XiaoLu became nervous about being alone on public transport, which didn’t help his attempts at being independent. His parents were more than happy when he asked for them to drive him places again.





†Magical Name: Super Soldier Golden Solar

†Color: Yellow. :star:

†Quote: “Golden light shine through the night!”

†Stellar Power: SP 2


†Heart Gem:

XiaoLu’s heart lies in a spare house key he keeps attached to a keychain on his bag.

When his father noticed he was a little more skittish than usual, he gave XiaoLu their spare house key so he could look at it and remember he was never far from home and his parents were always there so he had no need to be so stressed. While taking care of Umori, XiaoLu told her about the key and she thought it was the best place to put his heart gem.


Angelus: Umori | Snake  Python Basilisk |

Angelus Bio:

Before the attack, Umori spent her time on Angellion scouting and studying various different poisons and how to make medicines out of them. She saw it more of a hobby and enjoyed it immensely. This also meant she got to socialize with other Angelus who knew or needed what she had. She main used it on growing plants, finding which may help or hinder the growth of crops for other Angelus.



Usually when XiaoLu’s father was sick, his mother would pick him up from gymnastics, however his father needed more care than expected and XiaoLu was forced to walk home after class. It was late and XiaoLu was hungry so he stopped for eat for an extra hour or so. It began to rain so not even the moon could be seen anymore; he had to walk in the almost pitch black night, almost running from streetlamp to streetlamp.

XiaoLu noticed it was quickly getting brighter and turned around to see a ball of light rushing towards him before it crashed a few meters ahead of him. He got up and cautiously went to investigate what had fallen. When he found what looked like an albino snake slithering out, he was more than surprised and wasn’t sure what to think but it appeared to be hurt, so XiaoLu used his bag to catch the snake and take her home. He wanted to keep her as a pet but didn’t think it would right seeing as she was wild. He used the time they had together to talk to his new friend while he cared for her, maybe keeping her for just a little longer than needed because he loved having someone to talk to without being judged. After he was sure the internet said she was healthy, he tried to let her go where he found her but she wouldn’t leave him. That’s when Umori decided to explain herself. Not that any of her words were taken in. XiaoLu silently took Umori back home and lay down for awhile before confronting her and soon agreeing to be her soldier.



Umori has become a constant in XiaoLu’s life. He takes Umori everywhere and the two are barely ever separated, regrettably causing XiaoLu to form anxiety when Umori isn’t around. She is his voice of reason, warning him off doing stupid things and looking out for him when he can’t for himself. Umori eats the same food XiaoLu does and often sleeps on his pillow which makes his parents nervous but he assures them, she is harmless. 




†Chinese assault rifle


After showing interest in Umori’s culture, she also dug into XiaoLu’s, becoming interested in Chinese culture. She designed XiaoLu’s weapon on what she knew he could handle and a little something to remind him of his origins. Designed just like a real Chinese assault rifle with a few modifications, there is a snake wrapped around the barrel made out of Umori’s shedded skin and the gold bullets come out the mouth. It can not rapid fire and as a result may have to be used as a defense rather than attack. 





†Name: Venom strike


When an enemy is in close range, the gun can be swung so the victim is struck with the teeth of the snake head. This temporarily poisons the victim.




†Name: Frigid vision 


XiaoLu will get a 5-10 second snippet of future events at an random time, however, he doesn't know where or when it takes place; because he isn't used to it, it takes up quite a bit of energy.





:bulletyellow: He has a thing for skulls and bones and is always wearing something with them on it.

:bulletyellow: After the subway incident, XiaoLu suffers from claustrophobia, though he doesn’t show it until the space gets very small or dark.

:bulletyellow: XiaoLu has a lisp.

:bulletyellow: A year before XiaoLu was born, his mother had a miscarriage, which only made his parents more clingy.

:bulletyellow: His eyes glow when stellar power is high.



:bulletyellow: Dietrich: He is XiaoLu's first proper friend who is able to understand him. He feels very close to Dietrich and is very happy with being around him. He considers Dietrich a very close friend and will rarely leave his side.


†Character Themes:


†Main Theme || Clarity - Zedd

†Super Soldier theme || Let Out The Beast (Chinese) – EXO

†Unsure fighter - Battle theme || Bangarang - Skrillix

†I can't breathe - Dying theme || Tennis Court - Lorde

†Blind - Anger theme || N.O - BTS

†Skill Frigid Sight theme || Breakdown - Super Junior M

†High spirits - Happy theme ||Mona Lisa - MBLAQ



†Main theme || Can’t I Even Dream – Rockleetist

†Ready to strike - Battle theme || Summertime Sadness (cedric gervais remix) - Lana Del Rey

†Leave me alone - Sad theme || Dark Horse - Katy Perry 

†Feelin' good - Happy theme || Starships - Nicki Minaj



†My chest hurts - DeetLu || Insane - BTOB

†No more nightmares - DeetLu || Baby Don't Cry - EXO

†Friends theme || Good Time - Owl City

†Having fun - Friends theme 2 || ON THE RICE - Jumicchi


:iconmahoushonen: © :iconbrawwr: :iconrahmennoodlez:

XiaoLu © :iconclassynaru:

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Congratulations! You have leveled up to STELLAR POWER LEVEL 2! Here are your gains.

☆ 1+ Additional Magical Move (ATK/DEF/SKL) 
☆ Allocate 50 stat points to your stats (STR/END/DEX/AGI/VIT)

Remember to update your profile! Keep working hard, Super Soldier!
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