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I read through all of the comments, and thank you for sharing your thoughts (keep sharing if you have more thoughts!) I'm not going to outran not accept anything with the DA watermark, but if it is right on the middle of the face of the person, that is super distracting and can ruin the work. I do think there were some good tips, so sharing some thoughts:

1. adding a signature of your own makes it less jarring and can still mark your work, ideally towards a corner or bottom
2. thieves can steal/trace/ edit out DA or personal watermarks unfortunately, and those people suck.
3. you can save the file to a low res version and not allow download so at least people can't use it to make money.

I'm sorry for anyone who has experienced issues with art theft. I do see some art that goes so far overboard marking up the art that I can't even assess if it's good or not. I would recommend using some signature. From personal experience, save a high quality, non watermarked copy for yourself you don't upload. I previously added my own big watermarks (with my username) and then later when I wanted to submit in a portfolio, I ran into problems.

I totally get people want to protect their art from thieves taking it, but sometimes I feel it can really ruin a work. Especially the default "DA" mark sometimes just goes right over the face/main part of the image. We have an official rule against "distracting" watermarks which is vague, but would it be too much to not allow any with a DA mark? I've seen other clubs do that. If you want to do a signature, why not do it more discreetly towards the bottom? Has anyone actually dealt with art thieves or have thoughts on best protecting artwork without ruining artwork? I feel like if you slap a big ugly signature over the middle, why even share online if people can't really see the art?

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