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Sorcerer: Final Design/Color Tests



A young noble who was the first in multiple generations of his family to be born with sorcerous powers. As a child, he was sent to a monastery to learn how to hone  and control his arcane talent, and the tutors that came with him taught him of his social position and responsibilities. After a couple decades of  study, he began to travel back to his family’s estate before hearing that an important heirloom was stolen, and now searches for it to fulfill his familial duty and to put off reuniting with a family he knows little about.
   The Sorcerer’s magic comes from the blessing of a powerful water spirit that takes the form of a massive white serpent. His magic focuses on controlling water in all of its forms and on poisons, both using and curing them. He has a natural affinity for snakes, and during his free time at the monastery, enjoyed roaming the beaches below in search of colorful shells to make into jewelry. The fishing float he carries is another heirloom that helps channel his power, and it is filled with divine water from the serpent spirit’s pond.

    With the final design chosen, I experimented with colors. I thought cool analogous colors would be a good way to express his calm (but not unflappable) disposition and his link to the ocean. The third option reflects sandy shores rather than water itself.
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