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I'm having my annual Win a Pet Portrait contest. Click on the image below and you will be brought to my facebook page. You'll need to "like" the page before entering for your chance to win a painting of your pet.

If you don't have a facebook account (did I say that?) you can enter at this

Please feel free to share the link with your friends!

I feel honored to have been featured in the Feb. 2013 Pastel Journal Magazine article titled
"Food for Thought". The article written by Anne Hevener focuses on three artists who paint still life in pastel. The artists are Lisa Ober, Karen Howard and myself.

It was fun going to Barnes and Noble to pick up my issue in the magazine section. I never imagined to find my work in an article. It's amazing what results hard work and diligence can provide.

My facebook page
We would love it if you join our art challenge. It's free and fun. Set up your own still life of an apple or paint this!

(click on the image for a larger view)

. . and then go to… and email me the image. I'll post it within 24 hours and you'll get free exposure!
New painting challenge -…

Please join us!
The November art challenge is to paint a seagull. Image provided!
Would love it if you joined us at this…
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I started a new Art Challenge blog just for fun. Here's the

Right now there are just 2 of us because we just started the blog. I'm hoping that more artists participate. You don't need to "join" or sign-up. Just paint the challenge, send it to me, and I'll post it on the blog along with a link to your site or page.

Blogs are an excellent form of getting noticed when there's enough content and regular posting.
This months challenge is a mushroom - photo provided. . . have fun with it!
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here's an article in Artists Magazine online. I was chosen as artist of the month -…

They changed my wording but it's close enough  ;-)

Haven't painted for 3 weeks! I've been busy getting my mother in a nursing home. She has Alzheimer's disease. It was a difficult decision but a necessity. She's in now and it's going to take some adjustment for everyone. ugh
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Back in May I entered my painting "Olives in a Colander" in the Artist's Magazine annual art competition.
I forgot about it until last week when I received a certificate in the mail informing me that the piece was one of the finalist paintings.
The title of the painting along with my name will be included in the printed December 09 edition of the magazine.
I don't know if the image will appear but I'm happy that I got in at all. It's a step in the direction I have chosen to go with my work.
I posted a couple of the presents I made on my blog -…

I had so much fun during the 5 weeks leading to christmas. My only fear was that I'd metamorphosize  into a 3 foot dwarf with bells on my shoes and a stocking cap on my head  ;-)

Wishing all of you a great holiday!
Merry Christmas, Happy Winter Solstice, Happy Chanukah, Kwanzaa, and Boxing Day (I found that one in a search). If I missed anything Happy that too!
Actually we (my family) are total pagans . . . it's all about the pretty shiny things in the tree and opening mystery gifts.
I just thought I'd announce that I just finished setting up a red bubble account at this…

I've ordered from a few online print sites and the quality at redbubble is excellent. I probably shouldn't be mentioning this at a competitors site but what the hell . . . it's the truth.

orphan works

Thu May 22, 2008, 7:47 AM
Please ask your elected representatives to vote against the Orphan works which will remove automatic copyrighting of artistic works.

Little Orphan Artworks - New York Times…

The problem of "orphan works," those works whose owners cannot be found, is real, but the solution before Congress is both unfair and unwise.
This an important issue to all of us on DA

You can take action here -…

I'm a member of the Connecticut Pastel Society and just got a phone call informing me that my Raven painting won an award in their member's show. This has been a goal of mine for a few years. The competition among these pastelists is tough.
I'll be working on a piece for the next show which is international in September.

Hard work pays off.
I've been told that myspace is no longer only for teens, but also a great place for artists of all ages who want to connect and self promote. I'm always looking for new ways to announce my work.
So here's the myspace… . Come and add me as a friend if you wish . . or not  ;-)
I was featured at Daily Deviants today. Here's the…

The timing was uncanny!
I was just ready to post in this journal about my recent struggles with my work. I was feeling that I need to take a new direction and work on developing a style unique to me. I'm still feeling that way but the feature was quite uplifting and helps put things in perspective a bit.

thanks Ashleigh-Michelle!

The Daily Painters gruop of which I'm a member of is having a group studio tour tomorrow . . . on-line of course. I posted a little movie of my studio at my blog.
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I recently read about and how easy it is to do self publishing. So I just finished putting together a book with my paintings in it and some info about me and my art.
What fun!
                        Painting Each Day                
            Painting Each Day        
            128 paintings        
            By Ria Hills        
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you have to check out this artist -… powered machines!!

his website here
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The first interview is up at Surrealist Painters! Aside from my interview with myself . .lol.
Anyway . . .it's with James Sebor. Amazing work!
Here's the

and more to come . . . I have 4 others lined up so far.
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