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The Bad Old Days

Not too log ago Robert :iconhunter1828: posted a picture of an old Great Northern heavyweight coach outstanding in its' field. Like a lot of pictures my friends post it got me thinking. Amtrak has it's faults but it does have big roomy seating, lots of luggage space, big windows, and most of the time the air conditioning works.

Here at Chicago's Dearborn Street Station in 1967 a Canadian National coach on a Grand Trunk run-through awaits it's engines being turned and serviced for the trip back to Canada.

Few of these cars had air-conditioning, folks were packed in and the luggage racks were insufficient to say the least. No wonder passengers left for the airlines.

Of course none of that stopped a crazy kid railfan like me from enjoying the ride.
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Poo poo on them. She spent more on those first class tickets than it costs to ride from coast to coast in the sleeping car, which they apparently did not do. Even the usually anti-Amtrak Wall Street Journal recently published an editorial in support of Amtrak. But to their credit, they were not riding a European high speed train on a dedicated high speed line...
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And still Amtrak has a stigmata that stays with it, even though it fights an uphill battle. My fiancee was watching Sex in the City on DVD the other night, and there was an episode where they took the "train" from NYC to San Francisco, and complained about the trip the whole time, and had a bit about a sweaty old guy who was way too interested in "these hunk of useless metal." And made Amtrak look bad. In the end, on the way back, Samantha tells the character Sarah J Parker plays "forget the train, I got here two American Airlines First Class tickets home."
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thanks for sharing that story.
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you are welcome! I needed to vent:D
Yes, at times we tend to block out the bad parts and remember the good things about the past and be glad we had the chance to experience such things as a hot, crowded, cramped, heavyweight coach of the time. Ahhh the good ol' days!