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Drumhead II

The Santa Fe 4-4-2 Sleeper Regal Gate brings the tail end of the combined El Capital/Super Chief on the last leg of the cross country trip from LA to Chicago on a hazy day in 1966. This is the rear of the same train seen at [link]
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ATSF was the passenger standard in the west.  I rode the Texas Chief from Oklahoma to Chicago in 1965 and started railroading for the Milwaukee Road in January 1966.  Good memories.
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Please continue to post memories these may bring back.  It's one of the reasons I started putting these pictures on-line.  If there is something in particular you like let me know.  I can post in higher resolution if you want a desktop pix.
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Did anyone ever do it better than Santa Fe? Silver trucks, a Drumhead, clean.
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In the later days it was pretty obvious that they had someone wandering around with cans of silver spray paint touching up things... obvious because they weren't masking stuff off to prevent over spray.
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In the book-- SP Passenger trains Vol. 2 Day trains of the Coast line, they actually had a guy that did that! It shows a picture of a Rock Island Diner (Sunset-Golden State going into Los Angeles) and the Parlor lounge on the Del Monte, there weren't any masks but he said he took care in what he was to do.