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Business Car I

There are a few things I have always wished I could do. One of them is to ride across the western US on the platform or in the lounge of a business car like this one in Cheyenne, Wyoming, September 6, 1970.

And look... unless I'm mistaken that's a Studebaker Hawk parked next to the platform.
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I'd really love to ride this fella: [link]

I guess dome cars are not something too special over at your place, at least I often saw pics of some, but around here, the only two trains that had one were the "Rheinpfeil" and the "Rheingold", former TransEuropExpress lines. The one on the pic is regularly used with chartered trains, but I never had toe money to buy a ticked for a ride...

Speaking of Rheingold, you wondered why this beautiful piece of machinery was not under wire any more [link] so I managed to catch one still in service for the special TEE trains: [link] If you've got a very keen eye, you can even spot the dome car further back :lol:
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I have ridden in dome cars and to be perfectly honest... I was not impressed. First the glass is so heavily tinted that taking a picture through it is like... well I don't know... just bad. And second the glass just won't stay clean. Pass a coal train going the other way and dust builds up on the surface. If it rains... well then you are looking through a chemical haze as well. And the headroom is bad, legroom is bad... They are cramped.

I love the Amtrak bi-level lounge cars... comfortable swivel seats, tables to put food, drink, cameras and other things. room to stand up and stretch out and huge picture windows.

And then there are the Princess Cruises cars on the Alaska RR.. They have all this plus they have an outdoor area to stand and shoot pictures and let the breeze blow through your brain.
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I have never, so I can't really judge :) I've only been in one that is waiting to be restored in a museum, and it didn't look that uncomfortable, but I didn't sit in it for longer than one minute when taking photos.

But outdoor areas are unheard of here, that would in fact be very cool...
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I have to admit, UP's passenger cars are some of the most immaculately well-kept railroad stock I've ever seen.
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i almost did in 2000 but i was short a few hundred dollars.
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