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Although I do not spend a lot of time on here anymore, I feel it would be appropriate to explain who I am a little bit.

I am a human living on the west coast of the United States. Sound interesting yet? More then likely not.
I was born and raised and spent most of my days in a little area called Gravity Falls, Oregon (Okay well not really but I did grow up and still am in Oregon).

Time to get down to the meat of it. At 8 years old I was a little artist of sorts. By that I mean I sucked balls at drawing but it was something I liked to do at that age.

Then at about 11ish I also wanted to make my own Video Games. So my mom enlists me in a Game Maker class and I go on to make such great and memorable titles such as "Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Upgraded" and "Sonic Pinko". (Oh ya, I'M ROLLING IN THE POPULARITY)
In all seriousness though, I'm more remembered for creating "Sonic Omega" and "Wall-E The Fangame" only the latter of which I still consider any good.

Now I kinda do a mix of both. Sketch when I only have an hour or less to spare and program / conceive ideas when I've got more time. (So in other words, I lay in bed for hours on end every night brainstorming against my will.)

My biggest interests are pretty noticeable if you look around a little bit. Video Games and characters from them like Mario, Sonic and Kirby are favorites of mine. I generally consider myself a "Retro" gamer and both collect and play a lot of older games and systems. I'm a fan of animation or "cartoons / kids shows" as some would prefer. I particularly enjoy Pixar films, as well as television shows such as Animaniacs, Gravity Falls and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. (I can't wait to be told how gay I am for liking a show for what I see is good writing, decent animation and characters with depth. BUT IT'S GAY BECAUSE IT STARS RAINBOW COLORED PONIES)

What ever happened to "not judging a book by it's cover"? Has no one ever actually seen Beauty & the Beast?
Anyways, I digress.

I one day home to aspire to become a Game Designer of some sort. I mean I'd love to sculpt a game's world, but I'd hate to be hired to basically replicate someone else's look or just be told "make it as lifelike as possible" because unfortunately a lot of games these days seem to be on that side of the spectrum.
Right now though I'm just aiming low - Graphic Designer is where I want my journey to begin, with the hope that someday I can get my foot in the door of the games industry.

A lot of the games and art works can be found on my personal site here:
If you want to communicate with me via other sources of media, here's a few links for ya:
My Youtube:…
My Twitter:
My Tumblr:
My Backloggery:
My Formspring:
My Anipan:!13285

Okay, I think that's enough links for one post. Thanks for reading! :)
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Also, the lack of uploaded art is partially due to laziness, and also my lack of a scanner. If I thought anyone actually cared about constant uploads from me, then I'd probably be updating this more often. :P

Carry on good citizens.
  • Listening to: Owl City: The Midsummer Station
  • Reading: Internet: The Movie: The Game: The Novelization
  • Watching: Gravity Falls
  • Playing: Goof Troop, Super Adventure Island, Tetris Attack
  • Eating: Meatloaf
  • Drinking: Gatorade
This is pretty much a quick journal entry just to let everyone know that I'm still alive and well. I haven't abandoned DeviantART, I've just been per-occupied with tons of school work lately and haven't been able to churn out much because of it.

When I've got my thoughts together, I'll edit this post so it's a bit more.... not barren.

Thanks! :)
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Ah, yes. It's about time I wrote a new journal entry.

First off, thank you all for helping me achieve the 5,000 pageview stepping stone! It took years, but we're finally there. I have a mostly finished picture for the milestone that hopefully I'll have up soon.

I hope you all enjoyed "Merry Thanksgiving"! It was sorta fun, posting a lot of my art stuff online, and getting feedback. To be honest, I actually burnt myself out artistically near the end of that. I felt a few pieces weren't as good as I wanted them to be, or just wasn't very good to begin with, so I had to create a few drawings in just days to replace them.

Don't worry, though! My artistic side is back and ready to produce tons more artwork!...well, if I had time to do so. (You can read about that in the personal section under the dashed line below.)

So over the next few months or so, expect new art pieces to be uploaded. I can't say when exactly they'll be up, probably just whenever I feel like it. XD
A Lot of them will be drawings of characters other than Sonic, because I don't think there's anything left for me to learn from drawing him. You'll probably see Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Mario and a few Hamtaro drawings.

Now, onto the personal section!

I'm gonna start with the bad news and slowly transition into the better news, so that I end on a more positive note. :)

- We ain't doing too hot. My dad is a Landscape guy, which is a seasonal job (meaning there are months he is "laid off".) We planned and saved for this, because we knew it was gonna happen. But a few unexpected emergencies really took their toll on us. Money is really short, and at this point all we have left is emergency money and food via food storage. Thankfully my Dad just got back into the work force and will get paid at the end of the month, but until then I'm pretty much living on Beans and Cheez-It crackers. :P

- Ever sense I got sick and missed 2 days of school, I've pretty much been playing catch-up to my classmates. I've been swamped with mounds of homework over the past 2 weeks and it's really been taking a toll on me. I haven't been able to draw much, or even get online and check out how all my pals are doing! I understand that Collage can be a very similar situation, but that is a Collage environment - High school is just not the same. The main problem right now is re-taking old, failed tests. I've got 13 school days until Finals week, so I really need to step it up.

- I've been trying to sell a few things to raise myself some money. But how, you might ask? Well, since I don't have a credit card...Craigslist. I'm selling things like an old iMac G3, an 11-inch Memorex TV and my SEGA Nomad. But...It hasn't been going too well, ether. People keep telling me they "must have [it]!"
So I send them a message asking if they want to meet, and they never respond back. Twice now, though, they have. And than we were going to meet, and they never show up. In one instance, I waited 40 MINUTES for a woman and she never showed up. So far, my experience with Craigslist has been awful. But that's more the shoppers fault than Craigslist. But I digress...

Now, onto some more uplifting news!
- I bought a SEGA Saturn! This was a good while ago, before we realized we were super low on money. I found it at a pawn shop with a Memory card (which doesn't seem to work), 2 controllers and a power strip for only $15! I later had to go buy the A/V Cables and a game, but it was still a heck of a lot cheaper than I would have had to pay my local Retro gaming stores. Right now I just have Sonic 3D Blast for the Saturn...(NiGHTS, someday you will be mine...)

- As A kid, I used to run home from school to catch Hamtaro on T.V. I really loved the show. But than they had a time switch and it was on a half-hour before I arrived home. So I missed a lot of episodes. Well, I've recently been re-watching them, and they still are quite charming. If you get past the fact that many would label it as a "kids" show, you may find yourself enjoying it like I still do. You'll see some more Hamtaro related stuff from me soon (at least I hope!)

- I have this game Idea that's been in the works for about 6 months now. It's soon exiting the storyboarding stage and going into the design faze. Some select people have already seen a super-small glimpse at the project, and hopefully I can actually get this one off the ground and finished. I really want to keep a lot of this game idea a secret, but I'll probably end up spilling the beans on at least some of it. You'll know I'm talking about it if I refer to "D" on Twitter. But this is certain. It has almost nothing to do with Sonic.

....Well, that about sums it all up. I have more I could say, but to be honest I think you've wasted enough time on my gibberish and it can be saved for a later date. So, thank you for reading and keep running!

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UPDATE (11/29/10)

I apologize for the short hiatus, but I've been really busy studying for Finals and playing Sonic Colors! (And you can see my thoughts in my Sonic Colors Review Deviation) Back to normal schedule now... (I hope!)


Hey guys! Classic Team here! Sure has been awhile, hasn't it?

Well, it's that time of the year again. If you live in the US like I do, Thanksgiving is not too far away. And after that, we've got Christmas! (Well... assuming you celebrate it, anyways.) So, it got me thinking... Isn't it about time I started uploading new art to DeviantART? I mean, my last update was MONTHS AGO! I think it's high time I picked up on this a little, because I still have tons of art I haven't even bothered to upload here.

SOOOOOOOOOOOO in order to catch up (and to be a little generous!) I'm claiming the next two months as Merry Thanksgiving! I'll be uploading 2 new art pieces once a week for two months: November and December. That makes 18 new drawings! The best ones will be added to groups for more traffic and opinions.

So look forward to new art every week, and have a Merry Thanksgiving!

Here's the Merry Thanksgiving calender:

November 2nd:  Cosmo The Seedrian
November 4th:  The Ring Of Power (Submitted to Groups!)
November 9th:  Gamers Club Poster
November 11th: Greetings
November 16th: Random Sonic Pose
November 18th: Sonic Colors Review
November 23nd: iPod Poster 1 - Creativity
November 25th: Remy The Rat (Submitted to Groups!)
November 29th: Tails' Emotions
December 2nd:  iPod Poster 2 - Focused
December 7th:  Super Forms
December 9th:  iPod Poster 3 - Gamer
December 14th: Real Sonic (Submitted to Groups!)
December 16th: Super Sonic (Submitted to Groups!)
December 21st: Sonic - Green Hill Remastered (Submitted to Groups!)
December 23rd: Merry Christmas - 2010 Edition
December 28th: ??????
December 30th: ??????


And now, the life segment that no one reads. :D

I started a Gamers Club at my school last month. It went fairly well, considering the short time spent preparing and last minute relocating that went on. 16 people showed up and we played Nintendo 64 for about 2:30 hours. :) Our next meeting is Super Nintendo, and than after that it's ether Sega Systems or Playstation. (We let the members vote.)

Things don't always work out though. My friend and co-president Travis had to move in with his mom because his dad was being abusive and kicked him out of the house. It kinda sucks with him not being at our school anymore, but at least he's with his mom and safe from his dad.

Schooling... It could always be better. On the up side, my Graphics Design teacher really thinks I should do something in that field and suggested that I try to apply for scholarships or grants (What's the word for this? I can't remember...). On the other hand, I've never felt like I've had as much textbook work as I have now. I have to carry 3 textbooks around and I open them in class often and am asked to read/do work on them. American/History Ideas is quite a victim of this. The teacher talks so much that she doesn't get a lot of material in and we end up having to read it from the book to get a full understanding of the chapter.  Spanish is annoying and boring, but at least I get it... in comparison to Chemistry. Oh, Chemistry, I HATE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH. I try to read the textbook, but I can't, because it uses Chem terms so often that I can't comprehend the sentience without looking up the words first. The teacher makes learning it a little easier, but often I'm too confused about what I'm supposed to do. :P

My Let's Play is coming REALLY soon. At least I hope so. It's planned for this year because of the game I'm playing and the significance of it. If you didn't know, it's a Game Boy Game. What kind of game? Well.... You'll see. ;)

My new video series of me drawing things people ask for will be starting this weekend. I'll keep you guys up to date when it goes live. :)

Well, that's about it for me. Stay classy DeviantART!

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Hey guys! Update at the bottom! I didn't think it was worth a new Journal Entry so... ya. XD


Hello dedicated subscribers and new visitors!

So hi! My username is ClassicTeam, but I commonly go by Mygames19. It's nice to meet you!

I've been a fan of Sonic since I was 11 or 12. It started with Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, but I came to love the originals more than SA2, so you'll notice a lot of my work is centered around the early characters: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Eggman, although some new ones may pop up from time to time, like Cream, Cosmo or Shadow.

I'm not a super-crazed fan who is into (in my opinion, strange) love combination's, like Tails and Cheese or Shadow and Amy. The only 2 I support are the two most logical: Sonic & Amy, and Tails & Cosmo. So ya, don't expect strange love combos from me. :)

I also sometimes create fan-characters, but they are NEVER recolors. I'm sorry, but I dislike recolors with a passion. In my opinion, if your going to create a new character, make it totally original! Be creative with your work, and don't let your possible inability to draw stop you!

Besides Sonic, I love creating and playing games. I have a humble collection of about 100 games that range anywhere from the Sega Genesis (Or Mega Drive) to the iPhone, which you can see all of at my Backloggery, which I'll be linking to at the end.

Because I have a big interest in video games and entertainment, I've done 2 things:

1. I create computer games as a hobby. I'm the guy who created the Wall-E Fangame, Sonic - A Negative Space and currently Sonic CD 2. You can check out all of my projects at my website at the end of this journal. ;)

2. I Let's Play games! I record myself commentating while I play a game and upload it to Youtube for people to watch. So far, I've Let's Played Bob's Game, Sonic Megamix, Crash Bandicoot and Kirby Super Star, with more coming! Again, link will be at the bottom.

I am also a big fan and supporter of Pixar, so you might see some Pixar-related content every once and a while. My favorite Pixar film is Wall-E, in case you where wondering. :)

Right now, artistically, I'm focusing on mastering GIMP and creating some pretty pictures for you all. I hope you come to like my work and support it in the future. Until than, See ya!


UPDATE: July 25th, 2010!

As some of you may know, my Birthday is in a week!
Because of this, I thought it would be nice of me to give back to my followers rather to be given. SOOOO...
Every day throughout the next week there will be a new piece of art! Almost all of them will be from my sketchbook, but I promise that I spent a bit of time on all of them!

The first one is Sonic's Long Day, and will be up shortly if it isn't already. :)
Thanks for all of your support! :D

My webpages
My Homepage:
^Check out my Fangames here! ^

My Youtube:…
^ Check out my Let's Plays and other cool stuff here! ^

My Backloggery:
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My Twitter:
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Hey! I know it's been a while..... A LONG while. Why don't we catch up on times, huh? ...Wait, what's that you say? You don't have time to hear what's up with little 'ol me? Well, too bad, cuz I'm gonna tell you. :)


Okay, so I guess I should start with my art. I've been doodling a lot more than sketching because classes have really been eating my time. So, I squeezed out a little bit of time and finished up some pictures.. and, look! They're up right now. ;)

The latest updates:
SMB3: The Evil Sun!
Sonic Says Merry Christmas 2009!
Goodbye Death Egg... We'll Miss You...

Now, there was going to be one more piece of art added to this update; a nice piece of Wall-E Fanart. Unfortunately, I haven't found the time to really sit down and finish it; which is a shame, since it's almost done... But, as soon as finals are over (two weeks from this post), I'll be sure to finish it up! :)

So, what else have I been up to? Well.. I guess I should start listing...

1. I've got the Wall-E Fangame that I've been working on... a little. Because of a lot of other projects, I haven't really had time to work on that. and when I do ge the time to work on a game, I have another game project that REALLY needs my attention...
2. I've been developing a website for someone. Why? He's got basicly every single episode of the original Donkey Kong Country series in the best quality known to exist, but he won't give them to me unless I get him a new site to put them on.
3. I'm working with Pixar Planet to create the Pixar Planet Vidcast! I'm going to be directing, so I'll basically be piecing all of the staff videos together and uploading it, but also managing everything that happens in between.
4. ..A lot of other things. I'm writing every episode of Bill Nye on a DVD for my Science Teacher, got some unfinished art that needs to be done, A Boy Scout project to get off the ground, some Let's Play videos I need to update, the list goes on......


At school...... Well, I'm, uhhh, not doing too well. I'm basicly failing Japanese 1b and barely passing my AP Government class. But I'm acing Lit And Comp 10 and Math! And, well, I'm doing fairly well in Science too.

AAAAAAND in life, My Grandpa on my Dad's side (who we haven't seen in over a year and a half) Came over, so we got to see him again. Oh, and did I mention? I got A PS3? YESSSSSSS. Usernames and other things below the lines.


My Tumblr:
My FormSpring:
My Website:
My PSN Username:

Talk to ya'll soon enough!
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Hey, anyone out there?

If you are, please Message me so I know you exist. :D


Over the past 24 hours, I have been posting messages asking you to reply. Why? Because I was surveying to see who actually is Active on the sites and actually reads/responds to my messages.

And so, here is the finale tally!

"Current tally of people who are active (based on a posting made on 4 separate websites) The final tally is now 13.

This is an average of 3.25 users per website.

1 User from DeviantART (Cypherphoenix)
5 Users from Facebook (Cheyenne Schroeder, Lindsey Anne Boslar, Miranda Valencia, Gazmend Xheladini, Corey Aing)
6 Users from Twitter (wisecookiesheet,  iminconspicuous, flee93, Bryko614,  Hannahmation, Wannabechef91)
1 User from Myspace (Devan Schimmel)

Survey started at 5:38 PM PST on 10/8/09
Survey ends at 5:38 PM PST on 10/9/09"

As added statistics,

6 of these are Women (4 in real life, 2 not)
7 of these are Men (2 in real life, 5 not)
6 I know in real life
7 I only know threw the internet

Scary to know that my Internet friends pay more attention than my real life ones!

Also, Only 2 of my Guy friends that I know in real life answered. The rest where Girls! I haven't even seen anyone on this list besides Cypher Phoenix, Corey and Cheyanne in real life within the past 3 months.

Interesting stuff guys.
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Okay, completely ignore my last Journal entry. Just an overall bad week for me.

Just because I know you'd rather know about what I'm working on over life, I'll fill you in a little....

I'm currently working one something I've dubbed "SEKRET PROJEKT". I can't tell you what it's about, because, well, it's a secret. ;)

But I can show you some art that will be in the project. ART? WAAAAAA!?

Ohhh yes, this project involves hand-drawn images. Care to take a peek?
This is an animated flower. You'll need to refresh the page to see the animation again.
This is a Palmtree.

I might release one more before the project's announcement on October 12th. (Mark your calendars!)

Trust me, you'll want to be here to see what it is. It will be epic. I believe there is only one other project in existence that has done what this one will.




As for life....

My mood has generally been bad all week. Due to many things.

But point is, right now I'm kinda in the neutral zone.

See, I have to go in for Ortho surgery, which is kinda nerve racking. But it means I'll miss the premiere of the Toy Story 1 and 2 Double feature! Which I was looking forward to. :(

The fact that I've had a cold all week hasn't helped. I missed two days of school and my grades have all already dropped from A's to B's. Not to mention the 15 or so papers of work I have to complete.... (Seriously... 8 of them are just from Math!)

So... I guess I should stop typing (Because, seriously, who reads my crappy life stories?) And let you get to the guessing game... What IS 'SEKRET PROJEKT'?
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On May 12th, I promised I would upload some new pieces of art. It's now August 31st, and only now I have uploaded new art. I apologize for that. But on the up side, I've uploaded more art that I would have a few months ago. So, All is good, I think...

Here is the newest additions to my library:
Mini Drawings Collections
Sonic Falling Angle Test
Sonic 1 Title Redux (In Pen!)
Tails Says Hi.
...Feet In The Sky...
Sonic's Ready, Are You?
The Road Still Ahead
Still In Sonic's Zone
The Stars Still Glimmer...
Sonic's Been "Materialized"
The Candle Of Truth
The World Is At Your Feet

I hope you enjoy!

ALSO: If you want to request a drawing, please, shoot me a PM and I'll see what I can do. ;)

As for life: School gets back in next week, so my inactivity will fluctuate. But I'll still add stuff every once and a while. ;)

See ya!
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I haven't been drawing a whole lot recently...
Unless you count Drawing 2 stuff...


More art coming soon. I scanned in some images today and I'll be adding them to DeviantART sometime this week.
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I've become victim to FCS, or Flash Crash Syndrome.
What is FCS?
It's what happens when you TRY to animate in Flash.

Yes, you heard right - I'm animating. IN FLASH. :D
I only have a pathetic 3 seconds done so far - I HAD 4 seconds, but FCS caused me to lose 25 frames of work. XP

What is the animation about? Well, what better to animate than the intro to my fangame! So ya, this is the intro to Sonic CD 2, which IS in development, in case your asking.

UPDATE (3/17/09)

For those who care (..anyone?) The 3 seconds just doubled today. I removed the footage as a promotional sort of thing... just wait until next Monday and you'll see... ;)

Here's some links for those curious minds out there:

Screen shot of some of my latest work in my fan game, Sonic CD 2 -…

I'll be quite busy in the next few weeks, downloading files I lost when my computer got wiped, and working on my animation, AND fan game, and maybe even remixes on the side.
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Alright, Hi. It's been... A few weeks.

How has life been? Well it's been like REALLY up and down. Seriously, I think I'be changes moods more in the past few weeks than I usually do in a month. XD

So what am I doing, exactly? Well, for starters, I'm working on my latest fan game Sonic CD 2. You can see a very early gameplay video of it here: / watch?v= p7kz97cv6eA
(you need to take the space out between the = and the P ,add WWW to that, and take the space out behind and in front of the /.)

More art is also coming... as soon as I'm not lazy enough to upload them. XD


So, what do I wanna say next? Well I really donno. Today has been a rough day for many of us. All I can really do is say sorry and hope that you'll feel better tomarow.

An Incodent today has also made me realise some things, and my mood might change a bit over the next while... maybe.

It does present a lot of things that I have personally learned and understood, but are being controdicted. It certainly shows that who I am and what I know is far beyond what most people are willing to understand, and or don't really care.

So if your still reading this, wow. I give you a round of appluse. I'd lecture you, but I know no one likes to be lectured, so I'll just end this one with a quick:

Have a great day!
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First off: Yay, I now have more page views than the  year. Congrats to my 2000 and 2009th visitor!

Second: My computer is acting up. We donno why, but we think this computer (the one I'm trying to use now) Is about to "give up the ghost". Not fun, because all my stuff is on here. We are gonna try to back up what we can before we can't, but most of it is inaccessible because of one of the computer's many problems. So.... New computer, ahoy?

Third: Sonic: A Negative Space is getting a HUGE makeover. New engine, faster speeds, even more detail, and the plot has changed a little. I'll end up posting more about it later, so just hold tight. ;)


SO, I guess I need to add some more content to my DeviantART, hmm? Well I'm really lazy.... I've got one to upload, but the rest are still sitting in my room, waiting to go up. Until than I'll add them... slowly... :) So look out!
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yes, well. All I can do is LAWL at my completely random Journal title for a sec.


okay, now that that's over, let me introduce you to a little something that's sorda been behind my computer's firewall until about a week ago:


*Cricket's are heard in the distance*

To tell you the truth, that's all the reaction to this game has really been. Crickets. I've got it publicized on a few forums and have had like 15 downloads since. :P Anyways, you probubbly want to know what this is exactly.

Sonic: A Negative Space is a Action RPG being developed in Game Maker using Damizian's engine. It's meant to be based in this cartoony looking world,including large black outlines and everything. :P

The story revolves around Eggman's attempt at making his own dimetion where everything is his. But FYI Eggman isint the real badguy in this game. If I tell you any more, It might spoil the fun of it all....

So, if you take intrest in this fan game, you can see videos, screen shorts, download and see a little more about this by visiting my website:


Okay, now that that's over, I can move on to my boring, and depressing real life ramblings. J/K, XD. No one wants to read THAT. ><'

So, what exactly is going on anyhow? Good question, lol. I have finals tomarow and the day after, making them half - days. I can tell you now, I'm not too phyched about them. But I'll get through them... besides, it has a great follow - up weekend! Like every year before it, I'm going to go to my Grandma's house (which is 7 whole minutes away! :O ) and having turkey. Donno what the weekend looks like exactly... But hopefuly it will hold something to do, cuz even with this fan game I'm making I'm getting bored.

Which is where my art comes in. I've been doing TONS of drawing, but some are some-what personal and I don't want to upload them, or maybe I don't think they are good enough for Deviantart. Anyhow, ya. I've been doing tons of stuffz to keep myself busy.

...And that's about it, which is really amazing considering so little is actually happening in my life. :P, usually I can write paragraphs about things going on but not today. Just one or two. XD

So before this becomes EXACTLY what I'm saying it ain't, I bid you farewell. Let me know what you think of my new game!

~ CT
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*Chem...* Well, It's been a while, hasint it? 3 weeks, to be exact. Ya, well I've been a little busy. Other people have been more busy than me. XD.

Anyhow, So... Ya. I've been slowly submiting images while school is in, and will continue doing that. I'm even working on (Yes, ANOTHER) comic.

School. how do I put it? It.... Sucks. Not as much as Middle school did, but theres still lots of good reasons why not to like it. Theres this guy on the intercom who plays music on it, with the BASS WAYYYYYY to high! It gives me a headache. And the students are already starting to go back to they're old, immature ways.

Someone even went as far as arguing with me for no good reason. This "Person" (I don't want to name names. Just cuz they're A jerk doesint mean I have to make a fool of them...) Thinks she's smarter than me just because I got one question wrong that she got right. Than she goes and calls me immature because I draw Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm sorry, but since when did Drawing make you immature? A lot of people make a lot of money off of cartoons and a lot of people watch them. Today she was acting immature herself, and at one point had to have something taken away from the teacher because she "couldint control (her)self". And... Maybe she is smarter than me. But you know what, who cares. It's what you do with your knowlage that makes you smart; not using them as a braging right. I, for one, use it for solving problems in Video Games and programming my own video games. What does she use them for? To come up with ways to make fun of people.
     Now, I'm not saying she's a bad person. I just think she assumes things way to fast. I just wish people were more aware of what they say and do. You think it only effects you and them, right? No. It effects everyone and everything around them.

Anyhow, getting away from my total moral lesson... XD

My grades are good. Which is really good. Last year, I had an average of B's and C's.  Now, I have all A's.... exept Science. I have a B in science. I hate science, and I'm not good at it. I guess that explains that. XD.

if you don't know yet, The New DS is coming. known as the NDi, It will feature Music Playback, A built in cammera, And more. But in order to fit this, they took out the backwords compatibility of the GBA. So sad...

~*Long live the GBA*~


I also just got Sonic Chronicles. Last night. It's really good, but being the "Run through and don't do much" sorda person, I'm havint a hard time beating the badniks (or whatever else there is...) in Rusty Ruins. So, I'm off to take a crack at the game.

All Your Base Are Belong To Us.

BTW: If any of my friends are still out there; I'm bored. And those of them at Mountian View (Yes, you know who you are...) I miss you guys a lot. Contact me. Please. We must do something for halloween or something.
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Hey. Sorry, I havent updated my page in a VERY long time, mostly because theres nothing really to say.

But what there IS to say - is just whats happening and stuff.

First, High School. The two worst things about it:
1. Halls become a maze - If you don't know what hall your in, your very likly going to get lost trying to find halls you DO know. Only memorize the halls you need to pass though, otherwise you will spend so much time learning you will probubbly be late for classes.
2. The Teachers are not the same in any way - You can have a really nice teacher 4th period, and a harsh teacher for 5th period (This is true for me.)

You can also see a sort-of "Line" between students - You can tell from the ones who are matureing, and the ones who aren't. Hey, it only took them 4 years to figure it out! (Don't take that seriously... I'm joking.) Seriously though, I wish these people had matured so much earlyer. It would have made life a bit better.

Besides that, I am very lonely. Almost all my friends are at difforent schools, and those who are are'nt in any of my classes. Having had to move schools every 2 years during my single - digit - hood, You'd think I'd be good a making friends. Well, your WAY wrong. I didint have any REAL friends until the later half of the 7th grade.

Some of it has to do with the fact that I have a hard time trusting people off the bat. Being Bullyed all my life, I learned to hide in a shell and trust no one, because than they can use me as a practical joke. The other half - I'm just not like most students. I would expand on that, but I'm running low on time.

What I'm trying to get to is, I miss my friends. Every time I go to a new school, I have to start all over. A lot of times I feel alone. I need some randomness; some jokes to laugh at. I need someone who cares about that crazy weirdo who walking the halls just to greet you. I want my friends back.

A simple friend, when visiting, acts like a guest.
A real friend opens your refrigerator and helps them self and doesn't feel even the least bit weird shutting your 'Pepsi drawer' with their foot!

A simple friend has never seen you cry.
A real friend shoulder is soggy from your tears..

A simple friend doesn't know your parents' first
A real friend has their phone numbers
in his/her address book.

A simple friend brings a bottle of soda to your
A real friend comes early to help you cook and
stays late to help you clean.

A simple friend hates it when you call after
they've gone to bed.
A real friend asks you why you took so long to

A simple friend seeks to talk with you about your problems.
A real friend seeks to help you with your problems.

A simple friend wonders about your romantic
A real friend could blackmail you with it!

A simple friend thinks the friendship is over when you have an argument.
A real friend calls you after you had a fight.

A simple friend expects you to always be there for them.
A real friend expects to always be there for you!

When you are down to nothing ...
God is up to something.

'Never frown, even when you are sad,
because you never know who is
falling in love with your smile. '


*Sent to me from an old friend*

~ As my classmates would say; "Peace Out!".
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Hey ppls. I thought now would be a good time to I am. :P

Anyhow, the day of my Birthday was like any other day...It was only until my parents told me I was going to Chili's that the day had changed. I loved the food, I stuffed myself nicely as well. So, my estimate wasint too far off. XP

Oh, and if I have your E-mail I have sent you my new Phone Number, in case anyone needs to reach me.

So.. whats next? Well, this week is vacation week. My parents have been saving up for thing since last years trip. Were did we go? Wouldint you like to know...
Fine. I'll tell you. XD
So the first 2 days were spent at that place thats been advortised so much on TV it's almost sad - The Great Wolf Lodge. The only reason we were able to afford going was because they just opened, so opening prices are prity good.
Anyhow, I'm not really in the mood for a full review, but to sum it up - it has something for everyone...if you can afford it. See, they have this "Massive arcade" (It's actually about the size of a Chuck e Cheeses) The arcade is... nice, but most of the games there only last 10 seconds. (I won 3 Jackpots... not bad, I suppose.) They also had this teen hang - out called Gr8_Space...And of course the Water Park... They even had this Real - time video game (if you wanna call it that) called MigiQuest. The problem with all these things though is they want you to pay MORE money to do them. (Well, not the water park..The pay for that is added to your room.) So at the arcade I bet I spent 20 bucks playing arcade games that lasted me 3 hours, and at Gr8_Space... there was a $10 entering fee. And the MagiQuest... $15 for the wand, and $10 to pay the game.

And than the food... It's like going to a movie theater. They want you to spend $3 for a small bag of Nacho Cheese chips, and $12 for A meal.We ate out at fast food for this reason. anyhow... Even though this place had all it's faults, it was still not bad - It was fun beating kids who OWNED Mario Kart Wii (I dont own it) And Smash Bros. Brawl (I own that though.) at Gr8_space. And even better, since everyone has there own room key (on your wrist) I was able to stay in the room and avoid my little brothers Whining and complaining most of the time...

Now heres were it goes down hill.

So, yes. My little brother was being an ungreatful spoiled brat the while time. Even when my parents bought him the MigiQuest thing, he still had things to complain about. Most the time I didint have to hear it, but it got prity bad. He got upset about the smallest of things, like ice cream is melting. It was anoying, and at times depressing as well.

The worst time of all was this morning. My little brother was having at fit because I didint want to go to the pool. My parents asked him to take his med's before we went to the pool. Instead, when we werent looking, he droped the med's. I had known for a long time he has been avoiding taking his medications, I've even told my parents. But they wouldint beleave me until they saw out of the corner of theyre eyes that he had droped his pill on purpise. Now, my dad grew up in a family that cursed a lot, but my mom forbids it. So we don't. But if you get my dad angry ehough, he'l swear 'till he's blown off the steam he needs. This was one of these rare occasions. My dad was so angry with my little brother that he cursed at him and threatened to have him adopted if he would continue to follow his rebelious acts. Point being, worst morning SO FAR. I bet theres more coming...
Anyhow, it's these times we I wish I'd be with some friends. I miss quite a few of them AKA It's been lonely around here.

..I'll update this post when the vacation is over, but untill than I appologize, I'm rushing because I have to be out the door tomarow morning to the coast - and I need my sleep.

G' night everybody.
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I am very bored. So, I'm posting this. I have nothing really to say, so...ehh...don't bother reading this unless you want to. :P

(These are random questions selected from Quizilla)

1. How flexable are you?
A. Not very...

2. What is your symbol?

3. Are you shy?
A Yes. More than you know.

4. How good of a friend are you?
A. I don't know. I try... :P

5. What type of music do you most like?
A. Good question. I don't know for sure, I like the music in Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 if that means anything.

6. Were you born to be a star?
A. NO.

7. What type of chocolate are you?
A. White?

8. How trustworthy are you?
A. You tell me. I'd say very.

9. What weather are you?
A. Cloudy day

10. How are you viewed in your classmates eyes?
A. very badly. I am the center of all pranks.

11. Are you A push over?
A. I don't think so. I don't ask for much.

12. How does your crush feel about you?
A. I don't think I even have / had a crush. :/

13. Are you A Tomboy / Tomgirl?
A. I donno. Maybe?

14. What season are you?
A. Fall

15. What Do You Need For Summer of 08??
A. More friend get togeathers. I'm really bored.

More comming on the way. XP
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BTW my birthday is coming up. July 31st. Woop-te-do. I'l be 15. I bet I'll get A 5 dollar bill from my parents or something.

Oh, and whoever gets my 1000'th page view, tell me and I'll draw anything you want me to and upload it to my account. :)

This was actually written before I posted it - So some events may have changed since.
-written on the way home from my sisters place-

Oh and FYI Be prepared to read A wall of TXT.
EDIT July 23rd: Out of my boredom I have created A Myspace page - take A look. If you have A Myspace, place add me. I've also moved the Chaos Reaction: Book 2 Chapter 1 to my last Jurnal to save needed space. Thanks. :P

EDIT July 16th: I have orginised my Devotions and my Favorates. I have also added comments to each one, so go and enjoy... :D

Well, I am very depressed. I'm writing this because I don’t have A pencil or paper to draw with, and have no other way to convey my sadness otherwise. So... I suppose I need to start at the beginning of this terrible mess I call life...

It started on A Tuesday morning, I had gone to see my new doctor and have him verify my autistic traits. He said I did have some form of Autism and recommended that I start on A certain diet to help my autistic traits go away. This was the first big downer, as most everything I like happens to be on the "do not eat" list. Than he says he wants me on this medication "Melatonin" to help me sleep. Now yes, sometimes I have sleep issues, but these are caused by my dog. Anyhow I took the pill before I went to bed that night and had problems breathing though the entire night. Not that I couldn’t sleep, just had shortness of breath. The next night, same thing, but not quite as bad. Than, the night Before our trip, I take the medication only to find myself awake at 2:00, itching all over. I didn’t get much sleep after that, and I finally got up enough courage to wake my mom up at about 5:00. She was cranky, but she was clearly able to see the rashes and hives that had broke out. my mom suggested I take Benedril and go back to sleep. Well, I took the Benedril - and it worked, and was able to sleep for about 3 hours.
Than it started coming back. What made it worse was we didn’t have any more benedril until that night, so I was itchy all day.

Did I mention my mom made me get A haircut? I thought I looked good with the hair covering my forehead. I just wanted it shortened a little - but my mom thought other wise. I came out of this with annoyingly short hair - I don't like it. XP

We got to my sisters, picked her up and drove about  30 out to our hotel. It was A nice hotel, but we were in and out in a jiffy, and I’d have rather stayed. Anyhow we go to this "fair" and there’s like 3 rides, only for little kids, and A band I'd never even heard of. There were barely any booths there, none of which were worth looking at, so we start walking down town. Seeing this was a small town, we were able to go from one place to another. There was a few stores we went by, and some of them I wanted to visit. But no, my sister doesn’t like it, so we move on.

We finally find A book store. I go in, I look, than I start reading something, and than my sister shoves me out of the store. We hadn’t even been there a minute. Anyhow, we head back to the hotel, and than my sister, me, my brother and my dad go game hunting to find A game for her. I went to find A copy of TWEWY, Kingdom Hearts, and maybe even Katamari. But mostly I went to have fun. Oh, and what "fun" we had.

We went to the few stores that carried them. One of these places was "Ace Pawn shop". They had A nifty collection of stuff, even A *Rare* Sega Nomad (I own one of these myself.). But before I could take A better look, my sister complains that "she owns Brawl and Fire Emblem*, and she doesn’t have a wii, so she wants to sell them for A DS" (Again, this would be her third DS)

*My sister sold her old DS lite to get the family Super Smash Bros Brawl, and Fire Emblem for herself.

So everyone looks at me because I'm the only one with money. My sister will let me "buy the game" from her for 30$, but I'm already saving that money for some other things, and I’m not usually the one who gets to play the game in the first place, it's usually my little brother. When I say "I can't afford it, my little brother and older sister both get angry with me. Well, there went the "fun" factor.

We arrived back at the hotel for a little bit, but than we went out to that same fair from Before - but this time to see fireworks. Well, the fireworks lasted 2 whole minutes. It was like 10 fireworks, that was it. and during this time people were running around drunk with no pants on (just boxers). Just horrid.

That night my sister and little brother argued for about an hour as to who would get the 2 person king size bed. My sister complained that she’s "to old to Be sleeping in a bed with my little brother, who is 10. Besides, I (my sister) don't have a comfy bed to sleep in every night." my little brother could only counter with "A inflatable bed is too hard for me." it was like this for what felt like an hour, but was probably 20 minutes. I slept on the couch. I didn’t want to argue, or get blamed for making them angry. At least I got SOME sleep that night.

Yesterday morning was annoying. No one bothered to get me up in the morning, so I went down to breakfast with my sister, who was the only one to tell me. We ate, and went to the mall. The first thing we did was visit the arcade. I looked around at the colorful machines and than at my sister, who was more than expecting to win A Wii in the **Stacker arcade game.

**She once won A Zune in one of these, but sold it to get A DS lite, which if you read earlier she also sold.

Anyhow, she didn’t win, and we were out just like that. I never even got to touch an arcade machine. Next stop was Game Stop. They had every game I want... And that was the problem. My parents said no up until my sister wanted to leave, than finally gave me the okay to buy the game I wanted... But which one? I wanted all of them... It took me to long to make up my mind, and I was urged to move on. I regret not making a purchase, because I need some new entertainment. :P

Anyhow we were in and out like that. We went to the Photography center next and had our family pictures taken. It took for ever to do this, and I hated doing it. While we were near we went to Target and got some things. While we were there, I showed my little brother were the pokemon cards were. About 30 seconds later my dad Comes in and tells him its time to go. Than he starts yelling something like this, just to give you an idea of how depressing this is, and remember that this was in the store too: "WHY DID YOU HAVE TO SHOW ME THE POKEMON CARDS, WHY SAM! In a very angry voice, and than he marches out the door. He kicked my seat the while time.

So, we had dinner, came back, etc. And than went to one last game store. There my sister found A Final Fantasy for Game boy Advance and she bought it. She is playing it using my dads GBA - something temporary until my sister can afford her own GBA/DS.

So, back at the hotel. We weren’t having any fun at all, and my little brother is throwing a fit. So my parents and sis let me to deal with him, while they got some junk food and A DVD game - press your luck. (one of my all time favorite game shows, also known as whammy.)
So, they came back with this stuff and I actually had fun for about 20 minutes - and than my sister, who was laying on the bed, started to cry. Donno why, but by doing this we had to call the game quits and roll in for the night.

This morning NO ONE got me up, and even though some of them had already had breakfast, we went to Elmer’s. Yum. I haven't had A anywhere near descent breakfast for a very long time. I didn’t have fun, but my taste buds thanked me for something not nearly as dull as Kix or Trix. Than we headed back to my sisters place, and dropped her off. Said our goodbyes, and are now on our way home.

The reason I'm writing this is because on the trip home I started thinking... And my thoughts became darker, and before I knew it I was asking myself Emo questions. I'm tired. I'm gonna try to sleep now.
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