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Sonic SatAm The Fan Game Demo 1.0 Release



This version is outdated, there is a new version here. :) [link]

It's Ready!! :D
It took a while but now's ready for you to try!! :party:
Please let me know what you think of the Demo, and if there's any changes I should do to it. :)

Enjoy and Rock on!!! :w00t: :iconsonicdanceplz:
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Very good job so far, but here are a few issues I've noted so far:

1) Tails' Flying is overpowered to the point it breaks the game. I was able to get by the Mario easter egg level completely by flying, only having to stop once

2) Work on your grammar and spelling. For example, it should be "Sonic got PAST Act 1" instead of "Sonic got PASSED Act 1"

3) The one cutscene so far is fairly out of place when playing as Sally or Tails. Also, it will say that Sonic passed the act instead of them

4) This one is mainly opinion, but I don't think Sally lends herself well to playing like a Knuckles clone. I'd suggest maybe giving her a double-jump instead of a glide, or maybe even a stomp.

5) Level design could use some work, and third act is unplayable at this point

6) I suggest also allowing the somersault to be triggered by down+left and down+right in addition to just down for fluidity

(Also, is the 7 for Super Sonic on the numpad? I can't trigger it on my laptop for some reason...)