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What's with all the Four/Sarah Jane here recently? Last I checked, het wasn't slash.
I've noticed it too, I'll make a journal about it to clarify slash.  
yyyeah :/ im kinda not ok with this
Maybe people are just getting confused by "slash of the male or female variety accepted".
Confused or not, though, it doesn't belong in this group. Halloo, mods?
either that or someone is being a troll. the artist of some of the things said she got a request to add some of her stuff to the group, and you can send those requests without being a mod or the founder. :/
should I click it? is this group good? are my parents around? LOLYES IMMA RUIN DER CHILDHOOD
Hello! Your group have been selected as part of a new Grouple for :icongrouple-zero: