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The Doctor Who fans don't want you because you like Classic Slash. The slash fans don't want you because you're not slashing the Tenth Doctor. The twin dilemma (Eh? Eh?) of the Classic Slash Fan! Bring your Classic Series slash here and be not only wanted but enjoyed!
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The biggest change I make here is just to clarify that 'slash' is non-heterosexual relationships, and that while we have nothing against het work in particular, it just belong doesn't in this group, and it'll be removed.  

Thanks for your understanding!


This group was made on a frustrated whim that were other people as frustrated as I, and the hope that as people slashing in the Classic Doctor Who era, we can all find each other a bit better.  I often find myself wary of posting my Classic Who slash on dA, and wondering where the others who like this stuff are! Support in numbers, right?  So here we go!

So far, I've set up a folder for each Doctor era that I've actually seen slash happen in, as I thought making pairing folders would be a giant and possibly never-ending job.  There's a Doctor/Doctor slash folder for anyone into that, and a folder for multi-era shenanigans as well.  

We'll see if things turn out to need to be different!  Who knows!

Quick Guidelines and Stuff!

+ Joining and Submitting are Automatic!  You cannot submit to 'Featured', so please make a good effort to submit your images to the proper folders.  (Maybe we'll vote on what to do with Featured later. We shall seeee.) The folders are named by Doctor-era.  If you've got more than one era represented, put it in the Multi-Folder, and I'll shuffle by later and also tuck it into the other two (maybe more?!) folders it applies to.

+ Current limit is three images daily, though this may change.  

+ Try to submit things you put some work into and are proud of, not a crookedly scanned doodle from your history notes.  That said, there is no strict quality control, so don't fret too much.   Just be considerate that this art will be entering the inboxes of however many watchers we've got at the time.

+ Slash pairings of the male/male and female/female variety happily accepted!  No male/female though, unless a male/male or female/female pair is also depicted.

+ The Doctor himself need not be involved in everything you submit!  Nyssa/Tegan your thing?  Submit away!  It just needs to be involving characters in Classic Doctor Who.  

+ Something in here not your cup of tea?  Just back button or click away. As Classic Slash people, we're already a little on the alienated side of the fandom, we don't need to be doing it to each other.

+ If there is a folder you think you we need here, don't hesitate to ask about it!  The folders are just guides.

+ Slash can be very fluffy or as smutty as dA allows.  Do not break any dA rules with what you submit to the club.  It will be removed from the club/reported.     Please do not submit photomanips of actors' heads on other bodies. Images like that are most likely in violation or are treading a line that I don't want to deal with. FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?

+ No images of single characters who are just frequently slashed.  Each image should actually involve the relationship in some way.  So a single drawing of the Master is not acceptable, but is perfectly fine if he's with the Doctor in some kind of slash-y context.  

Have fun, be nice, submit good things!
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got them re-homed! And a few other stragglers too! thanks for telling me!
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