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Green Lantern Corps


Green Lantern. Crée initialement en octobre 1959 par John Broome et Gil Kane pour Showcase #22.
Mon idée initiale est excessivement simple : illustrer le Green Lantern Corps. Tout le GLC. En entier. Cela permet d'avoir une vision globale de celui-ci.
l y a 358 Green Lantern. Par ligne : En haut les années 60 et 70. Années 80. Années 90. Années 2000. Années 2010 en bas. Tous les Green Lantern jamais créés sont là.
essin, encre et couleurs de moi. DC Comics, je suis prêt quand vous l'êtes.

  • Le symbole change souvent au début. L'uniforme change aussi, surtout dans les années 90 avant de retrouver de l'homogénéité.

  • Leezle Pon est supposé être un virus alors je l'ai illustré comme une pilule de médicament.

  • Ils sont tous là. Mais je n'ai pas inclus ceux qui n'apparaissent pas complètement ou mal sur une seule case, ceux qui font parti du background ou ceux qui sont seulement nommés.

  • Les comics de GL ne sont que peu influencés par les oeuvres filmiques, mis à part le halo lumineux vert qui apparait de manière plus proéminente à partir du dessin animé de la JL.

  • Toutes les couleurs présentées sont les couleurs exactes des différentes couvertures que j'ai utilisées comme références. J'ai parfois dû trouver un compromis, en particulier pour les années 80 où le vert vire au bleu turquoise.

Cette idée m'a demandé 3 ans de de travail. Collecter, ranger, dessiner, encrer, colorer, monter. Je suis ouvert à toutes questions et serai content de recevoir des remarques. Liste des Green Lantern ci-dessous.

Green Lantern. Initially created in october 1959 by John Broome & Gil Kane in Showcase #22.
y initial idea was veeeeery simple : illustrate the Green Lantern Corps. All of it. The entire Corps, in order to have a precise global vision of it, and understand how vast it is.
here are 358 Green Lanterns. Line by line from the top : the 60es and the 70es, the 80es, the 90es, the 2000es, the 2010es. All the Green Lanterns ever created are here.
rt, inks and colors from me. DC Comics, ready when you are.

  • The symbol changes a lot at the beginning. The uniform too, especially during the 90es, before finding some kind of homogeneity again.

  • Katma Tui is the first woman of the GLC, in 1964.
  • Leezle Pon is suppose to be a virus so I illustrated him as a medicine pill.

  • They're all here. But I did not include those appearing partly in one panel, those being in the far background or those who were only named.

  • The comics of GL are very little influenced by the cinema or screen works, except for the green halo of light that appears more proeminently since the JL cartoon.

  • All the colors shown heres are the exact ones from the different covers that I used for references. I sometimes had to find a compromise, particularly for the 80es where the green turn very often to turquoise.

This idea necessitated 3 years of work. Collecting, sorting them out, drawing, inking, coloring, editing. I'm opened to answer any questions that may rise and would be happy to receive any feedback. List of the Green Lanterns below :

1960 : Abin Sur, Hal Jordan, Tomar-Re, Sinestro, Chaselon, Larvox, Nautkeloi, Rori Stroh, Xax, Medphyll, Stel, Katma Tui, Ki-Nilg, Bloobert Cob, Vidar, Davo Yull, Charlie Vicker, Chogar, Zborra, Guy Gardner, Rori Dag.

1970 : John Stewart, Xenofobe, Saarek,Blish, Gala De.

1980 : Arkhis Chummuck, Malet Dasim, Reever, Archon Z'Gmora, Norchavius, Apros, Arisia, Brokk, Eddore, Gk'd, Kryssma, Spak-Drom, Skyrd, Tylot, Vin Beringei, Camazotz, Galius Zed, Garudasana, Hive Brother, M'dahna, Penelops, Ch'p, Daniel Young, Salaak, Charqwep, Ghr'll, Quarzz Teranh, Xylpth, Jeryll, Dalor, Jade, Tuebeen, Tahr, Wylxa, Galte Re, GL of Durla, Harvid, Deeter, Liana, Okonoko, Avir, Hollika Rahn, Green Man, Gretti, Kaylark, Krista X, Meadlux, Droxelle, Burkett, Brin, T-Cher, Ard Rennat, Lysandra, Spol, Symon Terrynce, Lodar Monak, Meeno Monak, Remnant Nod, Kwo Varrick, GL of S. 24, Yron, GL of S. 3009, Gion, KT21, Leezle Pon, DKRTZY RRR, Mogo, Talmadge, Volk, Zghithii, Cherniss, Cimfet Tau, Ghrelk, Palaqua, Penn Maricc, Rasa Nekroy, Sodam Yat, Varix, Sandro Batorn, Bogosar, Kilowog, B'rr, AR-N-O-Q, Ahtier, Bruks, Bruun, Puffball Collective, Rot Lop Fan, Shingo Wol, To-t-u-k, Wissen, Fentara Raab, Driq, Flodo Span, Olapet, Branwilla, G'nort, Joanqin, Yyk, Jewelius Blak, Oliversity, Skirl, Procanon Kaa, Rond Vidar, Priest, G'Newmann G'noggs, D'aran tuu, Pelle.

1990 : Khen-To, Squagga, Tomy-Fai, Tomar-Tu, Brik, Fists of the Gardians, Yalan Gur, Ganthet, Percival, Amanita, Boodikka, Kworri, Aa, Kreon, Jack T. Chance, Pathavim Seth-Ottarak, Emissary of S. 3399, Shilandra Thane, Breeon, Laham, Reemuz, Skr'kl, Waverly Sayre, Dob Zagil, Lin Canar, Alia, Donna Parker, Torquemada, Umitu, Adam, Bivvix, Gpaak, RRU-9-2, Graf Toren, Voz, Kentor Omoto, Laira, Sheriff Mardin, Ash, Ayria, Barin, Selaya, Lan Dibbux, Kyle Rayner, Alexandra DeWitt, Hannu, Ke'haan, Kkrudd, Probert, Adara, Zharan Pel, El'qa Sqa Zreenah, Perdoo, Rak Arranya, Taa, Sqweeegg, Phantos, Anya Savenlovich, Garl Rathbone, Hammeroon, Magaan Van'n, Sool, Starkaðr, Prohl Gosgotha.

2000 : Ebikar Hrui, Maria Contranetti, Zac Ares Bandet, Alisand'r, Ash-Pak-Glif, B'Shi, Kendotha Kr'nek, Raker Qarrigat, Barin Char, Forest Rayner, Hunter Rayner, Pel Tavin, G.L., Green Lightning, Tomar Dar, Kai-Ro, Jong-Li, Godunn, Ator, Buda, Rokk, Salice, Suzdal, Hirunan, Barreer Wot, B'dg, Grumb, Lok Neboora, Vath Sarn, Isamot Kol, Shorm, Soranik Natu, Tarkus Whin, Tagort, Venizz, Shirea Vaas, B'ox, Garmin Vid, Greet, Horoq Nnot, Rees-Van, Turytt, GL of Hykraius, Lashorr, Morro, Relok hag, Arx, G'hu, Iolande, Krydel-4, Myrrt, Vandor, Markot Five, Quond, Tanakata Z, Qanda, Chthos-Chthas-Chthatis, Sendrina, GLs of 3241, Thormon Tax, Xax II, Opto309V, R'amey Holl, Von Daggle, GL of Xanador, Cundiff Cood, Diamalon, Vode-M, Bzzd, Zaneth, Amnee Pree, Jordana Gardner, Gen'Ma, Matoo Pree, Steppe, Kraken, Hal Jordan II, Unknown Lantern, Zale, Kho, Matris Ater Clementia, Zevonn Parzzx, Krallian GL, Orlan, Greb, Whale of 2029, Ermey, Sarolis, Hraalkar, Grojamm.

2010 : Thulka Re, Glibberquip, Altin Ad'ms, Gorius Karkum, Dyogene, Earth-man, Mon-El, Barro Cruzz, Zvvireel, GL of s.3396, GL of s.3410, GL of s.3457, GL of s.3461, GL of s.3519, GL of s.3592.1, GL of s.3592.2, Ardakian Trawl, Deegan, Avra, Watchet, Blu, Ngilia G'rnt, Shedd, Fendor, Sen-Tag, Qurina Vint, Adellca, Artois, Kruul, Squillic, Theodoric, Vegar, Atey, GL of s.672, Ry'Jll, Aya, M'Ten, Sh'yir Rev, GL of s.3599.1, GL of s.3599.2, Porter, Kirrt Kallak, Aldo, Flint, Lee, Bronchuk, Simon Baz, Gorish, Vray, Ergann, Jruk, Feska, Maro, "2-6", Mukmuk, Nemux, Gazzl, Cossite, Z'Mash, Iktik, Tendryllant, Swixxle, Gorin-Sunn, Iath, Hwaal, Xrill Vrek, Jessica Cruz, Rayn Kral, Somar Le.

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LiamRSharp's avatar
I'm currently the new artist on The Green Lantern, with Grant Morrison writing, and we'll be adding some more GL's to this extraordinary universe! Just wanted to say how incredibly impressed I am with this piece of work! What an undertaking! Having drawn comics for over 30 years I know what a huge commitment this was, and marvel at the time and hours spent. Bravo! Looking forward to seeing some of my designs hopefully making it onto this piece - which I consider pretty much a historical document. Also - you did a really fantastic job on the colouring. Cheers!
ClarkyBoingo's avatar
Hello Liam ! I know who you are and who Grant is of course. I've been reading the GL books for some time now and some of your work too so I'll be following your work on GL.
Thank you for your very kind words. I'm touched and flattered. It was indeed quite a commitment as much as a marvel to do it. I've already prepared the new GL who appeared on the book since I published this image and you can be sure I'll include yours as well later. Thanks a lot for the kind words. All the best with the book !
Thunderstarwarp's avatar
Very well done! Pretty fun trying remember all the names of the characters in the picture but very well drawn.
ClarkyBoingo's avatar
Hey ! Thank you ! Yeah, I guess it's pretty difficult, even I can't remember absolutly everyone of them. But most. If there's someone you want the name of, just let me know. Cheers for commenting :)
This is beyond anything I've ever seen before! I'm at a loss for words! Congratulations! :D
ClarkyBoingo's avatar
Hi ! Thank you a lot for your words and comment :) I'm touched. Cheers !
Sydpart2's avatar
Absolutely amazing work! Hey if you've got another few years how about the other corps ;)
ClarkyBoingo's avatar
Hey ! Thank you ! Haha, yes indeed, with a few more years I could !
But no, I won't make another one. This one was really exhausting to do. I let other people do the other corps now :)
Thanks for commenting :) Cheers
kaaron's avatar
What a gigantic work has been done! It's impressive. All this is to collect, organize and draw ... I take off my hat.
ClarkyBoingo's avatar
Hello :) Indeed, I appreciate your comment, it was a gigantic work. Thanks a lot for your comment. Cheers :)
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