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Gargoyles II

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Les Gargoyles. Dessin animé diffusé entre 1994 et 1997 mettant en scène des statues de pierre de guerriers ailés médiévaux d'Ecosse prenant vie à la nuit tombée. Ils sont victimes d'un sortilège, et se réveillent au vingtième siècle, 1000 ans plus tard, à New York.
Dans le sens des aiguilles d'une montre en commençant en haut à gauche : Thailog, Wolf, Coldstone, Xanatos, Demona, et Macbeth.
Après avoir dessiné les héros de la série, je voulais dessiner ses maginifiques "vilains". Xanatos en armure a été le déclic pour reprendre la composition du dessin précédent ([link]) et en faire une version miroir du coté du mal. Il manque quelques autres vilains dont le principal est le Chasseur. L'aspect monstrueux de la plupart d'entre eux m'interpelait plus qu'un homme avec des gadgets. Les méchants les plus importants de la série ont tous été écrit avec une subtilité rare, intelligence et psychologie.
Avec le temps, je me suis souvent interrogé sur le lien qui pouvait unir inconsciemment Xanatos à Goliath, à cause de son armure, modelée sur ce dernier. Le casque est parfait tel qu'il est mais pourquoi ne pas choisir un casque avec un design de gargouille à lui plutôt que d'endosser une version métal de Goliath?
Le personnage le plus fort reste Demona, dont la plupart des intrigues de la série sont basées sur ses relations avec Macbeth et Xanatos. Même si elle sait faire preuve de bonté et d'amour, elle est profondément haineuse, dangereuse, maligne, et violente. Toute sa personnalité ne repose que sur une douleur que son incapacité à surmonter ne fait qu'empirer. Un personnage véritablement tragique et shakespearien. Avec Elisa Maza, elle est un des personnages féminins les plus fort que j'ai jamais vus à la TV ou en film.

Die Gargoyles. Es ist ein Zeichentrickfilm, der zwischen 1994 und 1997 verbreitet wurde. Die Gargoyles sind Steinstatuen von mittelalterlichen geflügelten Kriegern aus Schottland, die an der Nacht aufwachen und leben. Sie sind Verzauberungopfere, und wachen nach 1000 Jahren auf, in 1996, in New York.
Im Uhrzeigersinn, von Oben links: Thailog, Wolf, Coldstone, Xanatos, Demona, und Macbeth.
Nach ich die Helden der Serie gezeichnet hatte, wollte ich die grossartigen "Bösen" zeichnen. Xanatos und seine Rüstung waren den Anfang der Idee um die gleiche Haltung als die vergangene Zeichnung wiederzunehmen ([link]). Ich konnte dann eine Spiegelversion machen. Es fehlt ein paar Bösen, z.B. Der Jäger. Ich war mit dem Monströsaussehen mehr interessiert, als mit einem Mann mit gadgets. Die grössten Bösen wurden mit einer seltsamen Subtilität, Klugheit und Psychologie geschrieben.
Mit der Zeit, habe ich oft gewundert, ob man eine unbewusste Beziehung zwischen Xanatos (und seine Rüstung, auf Goliath basiert) und Goliath machen konnte/durfte. Ich meine, der Helm ist ganz toll wie er ist, aber warum einen anderen und personaleren Helm nicht wählen, als eine Metalversion von Goliath?
Die starkeste Figur bleibt Demona. Die meisten von den Handlungen basieren sich auf ihren Beziehungen mit Xanatos und Macbeth. Auch wenn sie weiss, Liebe und Güte zu zeigen, ist sie überhaupt hasserfüllt, gefährlich, boshaft, und brutal. Ihre ganze Personlichkeit basiert sich nur auf einem Schmerz und ihre Unfähigkeit ihn zu überstehen macht alles einfach schlimmer. Sie ist eine echte tragische und shakespearische Figur. Zusammen mit Elisa Maza ist sie eine den starkesten weiblichen Figuren, die ich am Fernsher oder im Film gesehen habe.

The Gargoyles. The cartoon aired between 1994 and 1997, presenting stone statues of winged medieval warriors that awake at night. They were frozen in stone by a magic spelle and awoke 1000 years later, in 1996, in New York.
Clockwise, from top left: thailog, wolf, Coldstone, Xanatos, Demona, and Macbeth.
After I did the heroes of the serie, I wanted to give a try to its magnificent bad guys. Xanatos and his armor were when it all clicked in my mind: I would take the same pattern as the previous drawing ([link]) and make a mirror version of it, with the "bad" side. Some bad guys are missing, mainly the Hunter ; The monstruous aspect of the characters were more appealing to me than a man with gadgets. The main bad guys in the show were written with a rare subtility, psychology and cleverness.
With time I often wondered about the unconscious relationship one could make between Xanatos and his armor based on Golaith and Goliath himself. The helmet is perfect as it is but why not choosing a helmet of his own instead of living "through" Goliath features?
Finally Demona. Most of the plotsarebased on her relationships with Xanatosand Macbeth. Even if she can show kindness and love, she is deeply hatefull, dangerous, sometimes crual, cunning and violent. All her personality is based on a suffering that she can't overcome, making it even worse while doing so. She's a true tragic and shakespearian character. Along Elisa Maza, she is one of the best and strongest feminin character I have ever seen on TV or in movies.
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This is absolutely fantastic! Gargoyles is my all-time favorite series, and one of the main reasons for that is its excellent rogues gallery. And this right here is a splendid depiction of them. Your artstyle perfectly emulates that of the show, so much so that at first glance I thought it was actually done by one of the original artists for the series. You've earnt yourself a fave :) (Smile) 

I think Xanatos was the best villain in the show. His mastery of manipulation was second-to-none, and he had a lot of presence throughout both the first two seasons and the comics. And Jonathan Frakes was the perfect choice for Xanatos, he owned every scene he was in. 

Macbeth and Demona were great also. They were definitely the most tragic and complex antagonists in the Gargoyles universe.

Another great foe was Thailog. Goliath on his own was awesome, but an evil Goliath with creepy red eyes and a badass maniacal laugh? You can't go wrong with that! He was probably the most menacing villain in the series, and my personal favorite.

Coldstone was just plain awesome. Michael Dorn rocked it, and all three of the cyborg's personalities were pretty cool (and they remained cool even after they were put into separate bodies). 

Wolf was pretty cool too, it was always entertaining to see his attempts to take over the Pack. I just wish he got a few more episodes to himself...

Some other villains I loved were John Canmore/Castaway (although when I say that, I'm referring to the version we see in Hunters Moon and the Gargoyles comics, NOT the TGC version!), Fox, the Archmage, Oberon, Hakon, and Shari from the comics. But of course, there aren't too many Gargoyles villains that I DIDN'T like...

To finish of my ramble here, once again, a great series, and a great drawing!
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Hi ! Wow, what a comment. Yes, I loved the show too, as a teenager AND as an adult. I don't see the same thing but I enjoy it differently. The stories are extremely well done and always clever. Greg Weisman clever. I liked Xanatos when he was a bad guy or when he was a trickster half bad / hald good but in the end he was losing his touch a bit. Demona was ... has always been as tragic as deadly as clever and great. The fact that all the villains are different makes the big ones appear even bigger.
Maybe you didn't notice but this is my second drawing. I have one with the Gargoyles and this one with the villains mirroring the first one.
Anyway, yes, amazing clever show. I'm still waiting the whole DVD series in french. Thanks for commenting :) Cheers
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Yo, sorry for my late reply...

You're welcome! About Xanatos's portrayal in the end, he never really became a 'good' guy, he just came to be on better terms with the Manhattan Clan; he was still doing plenty of shady shit behind their backs. The only time where he became good was in The Goliath Chronicles...which isn't cannon so I wouldn't worry about it.

Couldn't agree more about Demona. Hell, that same description could apply to characters like Macbeth and Thailog, it's interesting how so many of the villains in this series are motivated by tragedy.

Ah sweet, I'll check it out!
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Hey ! thank you very much :)
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Hi. I don't know about this. I suppose it's just a matter of time before Hollywood does a remake, that's what they do, but I prefer to keep the excellent original and watch the re-runs. The serie was a gem already. Cheers
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Very Awesome! :D

There's just Only 1 critism/question I do have, Why did'nt you Put in Jackal and Hyena?

was Wolf Alone meant to Symbolize the whole 'Pack'? or did you simply Forget?

But Don't get me Wrong, Like I said, it's Truly Awesome! ;)
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Hi ! Thank you ! To answer your question, no,no, I did not gorget. Wolf is indeed meant to symbolize the whole "Pack". The reason beyond that is this is a mirrored image of the previous one (with the good guys) :…
So I decided to chose the one from the Pack that would fit the best. 5 spots, 5 villains. I had to cast them.
Thanks a lot for the comment and the question :)
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Ok Cool!

And You're Welcome! ^_^
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Great collection, of the show's greatest baddies. They're all incredibly well designed and detailed, the shading on them is perfect and the colouring is top notch.
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Hey, hi again. I took the exact same colors than the show, that may be why the atmosphere is so coherent. Thanks a lot for commenting :)
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You're welcome :) .
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Hey. Danke schön.
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uN de mes dessins animés préférés :heart:
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Pareil pour moi! Merci pour le commentaire. :)
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Thank you again :)
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Indeed, the villains of Gargoyles were some of the best. Complex, likeable, completely insane. Everything a good guy needs. That moment when Demona told her secret passcode in " City of Stone", I cried like a little girl, and that's something.
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Hi. Thanks a lot for your comment. Yes, they are indeed complex and great. The same thing than you happened to me with City of Stone ;)
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